10+ Best Online Masters in Public Health Degrees

Get access to the same world-class faculty and curriculum.

It seems like every other university is now offering online degrees. For working professionals like yourself, Online MPH degrees enable you to further your education without jeopardizing your current career, certainly a win-win. The following Online MPH degree programs provide an exciting opportunity for public health professionals and others interested in the field to obtain a traditional Master’s in Public Health via an Online course format.

Most schools will make valid arguments there is no difference between the quality of instruction you get online vs at their campus and today, it’s certainly true. Which ever concentration you choose will provide a strong academic foundation in the core disciplines of pubic health AND opportunities for you as a student to apply new knowledge and skills in the public health field. We have listed several online MPH degrees worth consideration. Simply click the link to request More information about each of the various programs including costs, start dates, admission requirements and more.

Top 10 Online MPH Degree Programs

As you consider obtaining your master’s in public health,  you should be sure that your university is properly accredited by the appropriate body or organization. Accreditation means that the the program at the school meets high standards of quality that are dictated by an accrediting agency.

You should be sure that your school is accredited by the appropriate regional authorities for master’s programs. These include Middle States Commission on Higher Education; New England Association of Schools and Colleges; North Central Association of Schools and Colleges; Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; Western Association of Schools and Colleges; and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Below are the top online master’s in public health programs that are fully accredited in their region. If you consider any schools outside of this list, be sure that they are accredited.

To learn more about the ranking, please visit our page: Identifying the MPH Programs We Consider to Be the Best


George Washington University

(This Program is Featured!) – MPH@GW is the online Master of Public Health program from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University. Fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), MPH@GW allows you to attend classes online, view and complete coursework 24/7 from anywhere and collaborate with renowned professors and accomplished peers without putting your life on hold. Complete your MPH in one year. GRE waivers available.  [[EXCLUSIVE – Read our Interview with GW.edu]]


University of New England

(This Program is Featured!) – The University of New England’s Master of Public Health program is 100% online and accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). UNE’s innovative distance education format is designed to accommodate your demanding schedule by providing 24/7 access to curriculum wherever you are in the world. This flexibility allows you to pursue your degree while still managing work and family responsibilities.


University of Southern California

(This Program is Featured!) – Earn your online MPH degree from the University of Southern California, and focus on biostatistics/epidemiology, health communication, and more. In your studies, you will have extensive coursework in the most important areas of public health. These are biostatistics, health policy and management, environmental and occupational health, social and behavioral sciences and epidemiology. You can choose to get a general online MPH degree, or you can focus your education on specific areas. Note that the same distinguished faculty that teaches the campus Master in Public Health program also teaches the online program. CEPH Accredited.


Walden University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) – Address the great need for well educated public health care professionals by earning your online master’s in public health from Walden University. This program helps to fill the great need for highly skilled workers in public health. With your online Master of Public Health, you will have the best credentials in the field so that you can be a powerful advocate for healthy people, communities and organizations. The online programs at Walden University are very well regarded and will give you a top quality learning experience, a lot of interaction with your fellow students, and a highly qualified faculty. The online master’s program in public health will connect you with your peers and expert faculty from around the globe.


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) – The Master of Public Health (MPH) program Online at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is designed for working adults interested in making a difference in the health and wellness of others through the promotion of community and public health. The curriculum offers the knowledge and skills drawn from a variety of disciplines and is aligned with national public health education competency standards. To ensure graduates are well prepared for present and future public health roles and demands, this degree program offers the opportunity to build knowledge and skills through the completion of a comprehensive core of courses as well as having the ability to deepen an area of interest through the selection of courses from electives in three areas: Global Health, Psycho-Behavioral Dimensions of Public Health, and Public Health Leadership. Student can choose to focus in one of those three areas or they can decide to take electives from all of those areas. The MPH is a 42-credit program, consisting of a core of 27 credits, 6 credits of field work and capstone, and 9 credits of an emphasis area. [[EXCLUSIVE – Read our Interview with The Chicago School]]


University of Arizona

Housed within the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Arizona’s first and only college of public health accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the University of Arizona’s fully online Master of Public Health program enjoys a reputation not just for its academics but also for its research and community involvement. The college’s research and practice activities are enriched and supported by the Arizona Health Sciences Center, which features campuses in both Tucson and Phoenix. While this program is completed online, students here are still taught by the university’s world-class faculty of public health experts. Plus, it comes complete with your choice of three concentration areas: Applied Epidemiology, Health Promotion, and Health Services Administration. Visit.

Baylor University

Baylor University’s online Master of Public Health with a specialization in Community Health, within the esteemed Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences, which enjoys Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation, is designed to prepare students to serve others and improve the quality of life among populations. This program is available on both a part- and full-time basis and includes courses like Public Health Concepts in Epidemiology, Global Public Health, and Fundamentals of Environmental Health Science. While you’ll complete this program online, you’ll also attend a weekend-long, on-campus immersion experience at Baylor, where you’ll connect with faculty and work with your peers as you engage in dynamic learning experiences. Visit.

Kent State University

Offered through Kent State University’s esteemed College of Public Health, the MPH is a truly innovative course of study that’s personalized with your choice of two specialty areas: Social and Behavioral Sciences or Health Policy and Management. Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the College of Public Health offers an online MPH that’s been ranked among the top programs in the nation. While the MPH is offered entirely online for the best in convenience and flexibility, learning is exciting and dynamic, thanks to the university’s innovative online learning platform that ensures excellent communication and interaction with your peers and instructors. Visit.

Albany at University School of Public Health

The flagship degree at this highly rated university is the Master of Public Health, which you can earn online. This graduate degree is in great demand today, and you will be ready to step into leadership positions in many state and local health departments, health care organizations, and many health-related nonprofit organizations in the US or abroad. In this accredited, online MPH program, you will take courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, health policy/management, environmental health and the biological basis of public health. You also will take several upper level classes in your chosen concentration area, and you will also have the opportunity to participate in a public health internship in your local area. Visit

New Mexico State University

The online Master of Public Health program at New Mexico State University will prepare you to be an exemplary, leadership-oriented public health professional to serve the country and the world. New Mexico State University has a high quality faculty that is renowned in the public health field, with a long legacy in preparing public health professionals for a career in public service. This is the only university in the US that has both an undergraduate public health education program that is approved, and also a fully MPH accredited program by the Council for Education in Public Health (CEPH). The online program is designed for full time, public health workers who cannot attend classes in person. Visit.

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Additional Online MPH Degree Programs

San Jose State University

Make a difference that matters with an MPH degree from San José State University! Our specialization in community health education will make you highly competitive in the field of public health, while our online program lets you study from anywhere in the world. Your MPH degree will position you for leadership in federal, state and local public health departments, health care institutions, and health and social service non-profit organizations. Two unique features distinguish SJSU’s online MPH program from others. First, the student learning experience is provided “live” in a virtual classroom on a weekly basis. Second, our program is based on a cohort model in which students learn in a planned progression of courses with their peers and distinguished faculty, then graduate after two years with their original cohort. The online program was designed with you, a working professional in mind, and all courses meet the same core objectives as the campus-based MPH. San José State University’s MPH program has been fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) since 1974. Visit.

University of South Carolina

With Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accreditation, a fully online delivery, and your option of specializing in either Health Promotion, Education and Behavior or Health Services Policy and Management, the University of South Carolina’s MPH program provides you with everything you need to succeed. This program features asynchronous learning, which means you’ll study on your time, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you, and a nationally recognized faculty, many of whom are engaged in active research programs. Just some of the courses of this exciting program include Public Health Systems, Policy & Leadership; Practical Applications of Public Health Planning; and Transforming Health Care for the Future. Visit.

University of California Berkeley

At the University of California Berkeley, you will be able to choose from many different public health specializations in the field of public health. Note that you can earn your online MPH from Berkeley in about seven semesters. You will need to visit the campus three times during the online program. Other MPH programs that you can take at this university can be taken in an accelerated program that lasts 11 months. You also have the option of earning your MPH in two years for the regular on campus program. This is one of the highest regarded MPH programs in the country. Visit.

University of Florida

The 42 or 48 credit hour MPH program from the University of Florida will provide you with the essential tools of success that you need in public health. This is one of the most accessible MPH programs in the United States, and the online program is one of the best in the nation. This program in its online form will require you to have a few years of public health work experience. This MPH program is fully accredited.  Visit.

Concordia University of Nebraska

Anyone who wants to make a difference to the field of public health should consider the MPH degree from Concordia University of Nebraska. By earning your MPH at this top online school, you will be able to help the less fortunate have better access to good public health. This program focuses on teaching you the essential tools that you need to help to provide better public health outcomes for the neediest populations in the world.  Visit.

Creighton University

The MPH program at Creighton University has a special focus on social justice and on the need to serve vulnerable populations both locally and abroad. This university has Catholic, Jesuit values that it teaches you so that you will learn how to serve the public good by providing better public health outcomes for those in need. This school has a highly focused approach to biostatistics, epidemiology and ethics in health care. With Creighton University, you will learn the most important tools to become a leader of public health for both private and public organizations.  Visit.

Tulane University

The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Tulane University The distance learning program makes it possible for full time working professionals to earn an accredited Master of Public Health (MPH or MSPH) degree while taking “live” classes on line in the evenings. Our classes are all on line and offered synchronously. This means that you enter our virtual classroom with other students and the professor in real time. You never have to come to campus.  Visit.

Nova Southeastern University Online

The fully accredited MPH program at Nova Southeastern University will prepare you to help to solve the most difficult public health problems. You will learn how to define, assess and resolve the most difficult public health problems. This school will give you in depth training in the concepts, theories and principles of modern public health and how to apply them in various settings around the globe. This curriculum is specially formulated to meet the needs of people who need public health of many different backgrounds.  Visit.

Loma Linda University Online

The School of Public Health offers online and off-campus public health graduate programs for active health professionals located around the world. Loma Linda University was begun in 1948 with the organization of the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine, the purpose of which was to provide a base for research and teaching. After its reorganization in 1961, the Division of Public Health and Tropical Medicine began to offer master’s degree programs through the Graduate School. Establishment of the School of Public Health was authorized in 1964, and plans were made for faculty and facilities to meet the requirements of the Committee on Professional Education of the American Public Health Association.

Argosy University Online

Earn your online MPH at Argosy University Online, and learn how to close the gaps in our public health system. The MPH online program will give you a very deep grasp of public health sciences and population based research, and how communities best practice public health. This university’s program has been specially geared to turn its students into public health leaders of the highest caliber in the world. You will learn how to identify the most pressing public health problems, and you also will learn the tools so that you can begin to offer solutions to these complex problems in a way that respects different cultures.

Benedictine University Online

The online Master of Public Health at Benedictine University is designed on a foundation of core classes that will teach you the most important public health processes and concepts. The Master of Public Health online will help you to improve health care outcomes for people via education and the promotion of better lifestyles. All students in the online MPH program are taught by leading experts in the public health field. You will be prepared to be a leading public health professional and will draw your skills and knowledge from many different disciplines. The focus on the program is on teaching you the latest skills in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health and biology. Visit.

University of South Florida

With your online Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida, you will be given a strong set of skills and principles that are needed if you want to become a top public health professional. In their online Public Health Practice program, you will learn how to effectively contribute to culturally appropriate, innovative public health approaches in communities that are in need. The core classes that you will take involve health policy, management, biostatistics, and epidemiology. You have the option of focusing your online MPH degree in epidemiology, biostatistics, health care organizations, environmental health, and toxicology. Visit.

University of West Florida

The online MPH program at the University of West Florida went online for the first time in 2006 to provide working professionals with an efficient and affordable option to enter the field of public health. Since that time, the University of West Florida has graduated several hundred highly skilled public health professionals who have gone on to become esteemed public health leaders. All of the  planning, development and evaluation that went into this online MPH program is provided by the Master of Public Health Steering Committee at the university. Visit.

East Tennessee State University

With your MPH from East Tennessee State University, you will be able to focus on one of five areas, depending upon your career interests. These are biostatistics, community health, epidemiology, health services administration, and environmental health. Whichever you select, you will be earning a strong MPH degree that is fully accredited in the state of Tennessee. You will be taught the most up to date tools in the world on how to deal with critical public health problems in the most at need communities. Visit.

Liberty University

The Master of Public Health program at Liberty University is especially suited for people who want to have a strong impact on the world through the ministry of good health. You will be prepared with the knowledge and skills in public health that you will need to analyze problems and propose solutions at the community level. You will need to excel in coursework in epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health and health policy and management. You can take this coursework either in person or fully online. The MPH program is suited both for new graduates and for people who have several years of work experience. Visit.

University of Illinois Chicago

With the online Master of Public Health degree at the University of Illinois Chicago, you will be earning a highly prized credential that will help you to advance into senior public health leadership positions. You will join a new generation of leaders in public health. This online MPH degree actually offers five different types of master’s degrees: You can earn a master’s in community health sciences, environmental and occupational health sciences, biostatistics, epidemiology and health policy and administration. You can focus your work on these areas, or you also can design their own program with the help of their advisor in the department. Whichever concentration you choose, you will learn all of the skills and tools you need to succeed in this growing field. Visit.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The MPH degree online at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst is the oldest 100% online MPH program in the US. This MPH program online has more than 10 years of experience in teaching in a totally online format, so you can be assured of earning a very strong, fully accredited online degree that will prepare you well for top public health positions. It is the oldest online MPH program. Note that this program is accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH), so you can be assured that its quality will be well known by any employers in the field. With this online degree in public health, you can finish your degree in your own home in less than three years.

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Medical College of Wisconsin

The online MPH program at the Medical College of Wisconsin is a 42 credit hour program that you can finish in about two years. You also can choose to earn a 15 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Public Health, which you can eventually use towards your online MPH degree, if you choose to enter the full degree program later. This program is available to anyone who has a bachelor’s degree; previously, it was designed for doctors who wanted to earn an MPH so they could focus their career on serving the public good in a different way. Over 1,800 doctors have graduated from this MPH degree online, but it also is highly suited to people with undergraduate degrees who wish to become outstanding public health professionals. Visit.

West Virginia University

At West Virginia University, you have the option of earning a high quality MPH degree online in biostatistics, epidemiology, health policy, occupational/environmental health sciences, or social and behavioral sciences. With this Online MPH in Public Health Practice, you will be able to greatly enhance your skills in developing/implementing/evaluating public health programs. One of the most popular concentrations is in biostatistics. In this program, you would be ideally suited if you have a fairly strong background in quantitative analysis. The purpose of this online degree concentration is to give you more intense training in statistical data analysis and study design that is not generally available in many other MPH programs. With this online MPH degree, you would be highly qualified to work as a biostatistician or a research coordinator. Visit.

Des Moines University

 One of the biggest reasons that so many professionals are entering the exciting field of public health is that they will have the chance to protect the health of individuals, families and communities, and also promote wellness and disease prevention. With the online MPH program at Des Moines University, you will be able to earn your degree online on your schedule, so that you can improve your knowledge of the essential skills you need to succeed in public health. This is an especially strong degree for public health professionals who are interested in biostatistics and epidemiology. This online Master’s in Public Health will help you to improve the lives of others, while moving your career to the next level. Visit.

Northern Illinois University

NIU’s online content has been developed by doctorally prepared faculty with professional experience in public health. When you enroll in the Online MPH program, you’ll earn the same quality degree as students in our traditional, on-campus program. And, unlike some other area programs, NIU’s MPH Online program is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), so you’ll know you can approach your professional health career with confidence.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham online MPH program is designed for people who anticipate that they will have a long career in public health practice, or in related research. The degrees offered here are the Master of Public Health in Health Care Organization, Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health Policy and Leadership, and the Master of Public Health in Public Health Preparedness Management and Policy. The online MPH degree is 42 credit hours, and the curriculum includes 23 core hours, and also several courses in epidemiology and biostatistics. Also, the university offers students a Graduate Certificate in Global Health Studies, which can later be applied towards your MPH degree. Visit.

University of Michigan

The online Master of Public Health Degree at the University of Michigan has a major focus on the many factors that influence the health of populations. This online MPH degree is designed for people who want to become health program managers that help to provide preventive health care and other needed public health services, at many different types of institutions around the world. The MPH degree will ready you for both public and private sector careers in public health policy, planning and advocacy. Also, this online degree in MPH is very appropriate if you want to direct or manage programs in many different types of international health organizations. The curriculum focuses on essential skills and training in public health management, and also in public health policy analysis. Visit.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The online Public Health Leadership Program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is dedicated to preparing public health professionals for top leadership positions around the globe. Through both the MPH program and its certificate program, which are offered both on campus and online, this university develops some of the best professionals in the public health field. This is critical, because today the world needs public health leaders that have a total command of the key areas of public health. Some of these include the ability to assess the needs of the community, how to develop innovative policies, and how to make sure that those new programs are maintained. Note that this online program may be complete in three years, but you will need to attend two three day sessions at the Chapel Hill campus.

Loyola University

If you want to find solutions to some of the most difficult public health problems in the world, consider an online Master in Public Health degree from Loyola University. This program will help you to develop the necessary tools and skills that you need to create new solutions to the most critical health care needs in the US. Some of the problem areas that you will study and learn to address include environmental problems, substance abuse, hunger, and health care access. You will be able to concentrate in four areas in this online MPH program: health management, epidemiology, clinical research and health policy and law. Note that you do need to have GRE, MCAT, GMAT or LSAT scores.

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University of Minnesota

At the University of Minnesota, you can earn your Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice fully online. This online MPH degree gives you a very flexible curriculum that you can tailor to your specific career goals. You also should consider this program if you are a busy professional with several years of experience, and you need to go to school on a part time, online basis. This online program also is well suited for highly educated professionals who already hold advanced degrees, such as an MD, DDS, DVM, Pharm.D., or a Ph.D. Whether you attend the campus or online MPH program, you will be required to meet the Association of Schools of Public Health core competencies in administration, behavioral science, biostatistics, environmental health and epidemiology. Visit.

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