Masters in Healthcare Administration

Master of Health Administration Overview

A master of health administration, or MHA is a graduate degree that focuses on such topics as the management of hospitals and other medical organizations, and also the general infrastructure of public health. With this degree, you will be well prepared to manage and operate the daily functions of a large health care facility, or a department within that facility. Some of the jobs that you might take with an MHA include clinical health care manager, health service manager, and nursing service administrator. Compare MPH vs MHA.

As the industry of health care continues to evolve, a professional with an MHA will need to adapt to many changes in laws and regulations.

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Master of Health Administration Salary

The average salary for a professional with a master of health administration was $84,200 in 2010. The lowest 10% earned $51,200, and the top 10% earned in excess of $144,000.

What you earn will vary depending upon the size of the organization and how much responsibility you have. If you work in health administration in a large facility, you can earn $150,000 a year. If you are in a small facility, your salary would be more in the area of $85,000 per year. Read more about the MHA salary outlook.

Master of Health Administration Jobs and Careers

In their careers, people with an MHA will work in some type of health care facility, such as hospitals, nursing homes and group medical facilities. The most common places of employment for professionals with an MHA are:

  • Hospitals: 39%
  • Doctors’ offices: 9%
  • Nursing homes: 7%
  • Home health care: 6%
  • Outpatient centers: 5%
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Master of Health Administration Online Programs

Online programs provide you a very convenient, highly flexible way to attain your MHA, while continuing to work full time. Some of the top online master of health administration programs include:

Featured Online School Offerings


Additional Online MHA Programs

Review our list of top 10 Online MHA programs for those short on time.

Master of Health Administration Requirements

To obtain your master’s in health administration, you will need to take courses in hospital management, accounting, HR administration, planning, ethics and law, economics, and IT health systems. You will probably need to determine which area of health administration you want to focus on, such as hospital, nursing home or other health facility administration. Your program will be 2-3 years full time and may include a one year internship. See 5 most common MHA requirements.

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Master of Health Administration Scholarships

While it is true that more scholarships are available to undergraduate students, you still can qualify for substantial financial aid for your master of health administration. (See the top MHA Scholarships). Schools and programs that offer scholarship assistance include:

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