15 Awesome Masters in Public Health Specializations

public-healthWhen you want a career in public health, you have the option of choosing specialties that provide room for advancement and offer diversity with the field. You should consider why you want to work in specialty areas within public health. Here are some of the specialty areas that you can work in with a Masters in Public Health.

  1. Biomedical Scientist – The field of biomedicine offers you the opportunity to work on solutions that affect the health of millions of people and cures for diseases.
  2. Nutritionist – A nutritionist has a number of options. You may work in a doctor’s office or in a hospital. You could also be hired for a position in a private healthcare facility.
  3. Nutrition Technical Advisor – An advisor works in the capacity of using their expert training to assist organizations to develop and implement policies that make sure that health standards are met. Advisors may work in third world, developing countries.
  4. International Health Care Worker – This position is for an expert in the field who is familiar with situations in countries that are developing, who has the knowledge to implement plans that will reduce health hazards.
  5. Health Policy Associate – This position requires that you have to analyze reports of situations in developing countries, conduct your own research, and draft presentations for legislators who make global policy decisions about public health issues.
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  7. Private Health Consultant – A consultant with a MPH can open their own private practice and work with governments or corporations in areas which may include assessing health hazards to employees.
  8. Infectious Disease Specialist – A specialist in this field can monitor spread of infectious diseases in global regions or local communities. The specialist may work for a health organization of in a hospital or other healthcare facility.
  9. Public Health Practitioner – A practitioner may work for an international health organization or in a local community. With an MPH, you could work in research, be a nursing specialist, a policy analyst, or work in rehabilitation.
  10. Biostatistician – A biostatistician in public health may work in industry, an academic setting, or research, and must understand a wide range of topics which may include spread of disease or clinical trials.
  11. Environmental Health Scientist – This specialty involves addressing how hazards in water, land, or in the air can affect the populace and the environment. You could work as a consultant to industrial corporations or investigate problems related to toxic substances or waste.
  12. Public Health Educator – A public health educator may work in developing countries to educate people about cleanliness and health issues. The position could also involve coordinating outreach programs locally or globally, or writing grants.
  13. Health Care Managers and Administrator – A manager is responsible for the organization and planning of health services. The administrator must have excellent leadership skills and have previous experience in the field. The administrator could work for a non- profit organization or a private firm.
  14. Environmental Health Scientist – This position may call for the scientist to work in for profit organizations such as large medical centers, or for government agencies. The job could relate to environmental engineering, occupational health, or a variety of other fields.
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  16. Water Quality Planner – Governments often hire specialists in this field to handle the water consumption within communities. The standards must be maintained to ensure water supplies are safe for consumption.
  17. Epidemiologist – This position involves the study of health conditions, as well as infectious diseases. One of the important duties that they fulfill includes setting up clinical trials. The research may be concentrated in certain areas, or among those who have specific conditions.

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