What are the Public Health Job Trends & MPH Degree Impact


What are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads? The job trends reflect an increase in population and more of a demand for health services in all areas. The jobs available reflect different opportunities in the government, non-profit and private sectors.

  • Increased Availability of Internships

    An increasing number of internships are available for graduates in this field. This allows graduates to get a good feel for the inner workings of this type of profession. Sometimes, this gives students a safe place to find out of they wish to continue in this work. The internships are available in several different types of locations, including international locations.

  • Good Salary Outlook

    When students ask about what are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads, they learn that the salary outlook is very good. The average starting salary for many of these positions is around $50,000. Work is available in a number of different settings. Local government positions often offer the best salaries, while long-term care facilities offer a more modest salary level.

  • Research Opportunities

    There are increasing numbers of populations that must be treated for different health issues. Research is important, because it helps identify new treatments that have make life easier for people with health problems. In a public health setting, this will most often involve conducting research for members of a community coping with a specific problem.

  • Educational Opportunities

    What are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads? Many of these will involve education. Graduates have the opportunity to identify the special needs of populations and work on getting the health information to them that they need. Much of this sort of position involves working directly with the public to increase public health awareness.

  • Non-Profit Grant Writing

    Many students don’t automatically think of grant writing opportunities when they think of public health. However, there is a growing need for these types of positions as non-profit groups work to address the health needs of local communities. Grant writers play an important role in helping to fund these groups.

  • Specialized Care

    Discussions of what are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads will often include the new roles of many who work as doctors and nurses in a hospital setting. In addition to being care providers, many are having to play an educator role for patients with certain chronic health problems. Educational programs are designed to help patients and their family caregivers cope with their illness and learn self-care techniques.

  • Increased Advocacy Positions

    As the cost of healthcare rises and more need to rely on non-profit groups for their care, many graduates are seeking positions that involve advocacy. One of the main responsibilities of advocacy workers is to help lobby for legislation that helps further public health. Additionally, many are seeking positions in groups that operate internationally.

  • Better Administrative Positions

    This is worth mentioning in any serious discussion of what are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads. Public health programs require a lot of organization, and it takes graduates with excellent administrative skills to help implement these programs.

Those who ask what are the job trends for Masters in Public Health grads will find that there are many opportunities available that are constantly changing. Having good managerial and business skills is very helpful in these types of professions. One thing that graduates should be prepared for is a work schedule that varies and is subject to change, especially when emergencies may arise. For those who thrive on administrative work, making a difference with the public, and are open to new opportunities to meet growing needs, these positions are a good fit and will provide a satisfying salary in public health for long term career advantages.

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The Impact of Earning Your MPH Degree

Public health is a rewarding career for anyone who holds an MPH degree. There are so many different ways that you can go with your MPH degree, depending on what area you choose to specialize in and what interests you most. The outlook for this industry is very bright because there is a growing concern for public health needs around the world. There are careers all over the industry, including areas like administration, education, health policy, environmental health, global health, and more. In all of these positions, the outlook is better than the national average for most careers throughout the next decade.

A Glimpse at Some MPH Degree Careers

There are a lot of trends in the public health industry. Of course, because there are so many careers to choose from, you will have to get more specific to figure out what you can expect in terms of job outlook for your career future. According to the BLS, these careers are growing at a much faster rate than the national average. Some examples include:

  • Health Educators:

    This field is growing at about 26% over the next decade, with most opportunities being found in local and state health departments.

  • Social Workers:

    In this position, you can see growth of around 18% over the next decade. Careers in public health for social workers include positions in family service agencies, government positions, hospitals, and nursing facilities.

  • Medical Scientists:

    Epidemiologists and other scientists have competitive careers, but they are also seeing significant growth. This is projected at 20% over the next 10 years. People can find careers in hospitals, colleges, government positions, and development and research facilities.

  • Statisticians:

    In the world of research, these public health professionals are paramount. The growing pharmaceutical industry is designed to give people job growth and security. These people will find careers in government agencies, colleges, insurance companies, and research and development positions.

Public Health Career Options Impact Outlook

It’s really going to be up to you to get the facts about the specific career that you’re chosen and look at what the future is like for it. Because an MPH opens you up to so many potential career opportunities, it’s important to dig deeper and get the facts that you need to make the best decisions. Almost every career is seeing growth because the industry as a whole is growing, but there are factors that will influence whether you can find the job that you want or not. Location is the first thing to consider. If you’re not willing to go where the jobs are in your chosen area of study with an MPH degree, you’re not going to have the promising outlook that others will.

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You also have to consider the type of position that you have in mind and when you’ll be starting work. Anyone who is graduating with an MPH in the next decade can count on above average career growth for the most part, but again that depends on where they choose to work. Non-profit organizations and government positions are the best options currently in terms of growth and potential for your career future.

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