Virginia Commonwealth University MPH Program

1111 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 828-1981

MPH Program Overview

The MPH Program from the Virginia Commonwealth University is available in a variety of different concentration areas and is a 45 credit hour program involves not only campus based learning but also a twenty hour community based practicum experience. Students will be able to select one of three different concentration tracks during their studies which will further enhance their ability to master the skills needed to move their career forward. Students can also select to enroll in the program in a part time basis pending approval.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The curriculum of the MPH program is rigorous and draws from multiple disciplines and departments. Students will focus much of their studies on the core classes of:

• Healthcare Policy and Research
• Biostatistics
• Social and Behavioral Health
• Epidemiology and Community Health

They’ll also select from one of the three following tracks of study:

• Public Health Practice
• Epidemiology
• Social and Behavioral Science

Depending upon the specific track of study selected students will then take additional courses within that field. The courses often involve practicum experiences and culminating projects as well.

MPH Admissions

Admission into any MPH Program is competitive. The one available from the Virginia Commonwealth University requires students to submit several things in order to qualify for admission. These include – but aren’t limited to – the following:

• GPA of 3.0
• Bachelor’s or higher degree
• Personal Statement of Intent
• Letters of Recommendation
• GRE scores
• TEOFL scores if applicable

Additional requirements may exist if students are applying for certain areas of study.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The VCU offers a calculator built into their website to make it easy for students to assess their costs. This is because tuition is impacted by numerous things including:

• Classification level
• Course of study
• Residency
• Credit hours
• And More

There are also many different financial aid programs available including residencies, assistantships, scholarships, grants, loans, and more.

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