Vanderbilt University MPH Program

2201 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
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MPH Program Overview

The MPH program from Vanderbilt University is a two year program that combines didactic courses completed on campus with mentored research. The overall goal is to help students assume roles in the public health field that will help them thrive as research and leadership professionals and make it easy for them to meet the challenges of improving public health head on. Over eighty nine percent of graduates from the program go on to careers in the public health field. It’s a campus based program that is fully accredited.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The program provides students the chance to select between two different tracks of study:

• Epidemiology
• Global Health

Each of these programs features a variety of course work, but they share core curriculum between them. The core curriculum of the program includes:

• Biostatistics
• Environmental and Occupational Health
• Public Health Administration
• Epidemiology

Once students enroll in their chosen specialization they will be enrolled in additional classes that focus on the issues that pertain to their chosen track of study. Both tracks are fully accredited and utilize an interdisciplinary approach to education.

MPH Admissions

It’s important to note that for either of these programs students need to be current holders of an MD or equivalent degree for the epidemiology track or a bachelor’s or higher for the global health track. However, in the case of the global health track students must have exceptional records in order to be accepted if all that is possessed is a bachelor’s degree. Prior work experience and a graduate degree are preferred. Additionally students will need to submit:

• Online application form
• Resume or CV
• All transcripts from schools
• Career statement
• TOEFL score
• Those enrolling in the epidemiology track will need to submit further documents as listed on the official website

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MPH Tuition

Overall tuition costs will vary but in most cases full time students pay tuition in the amount of 41,996 dollars. The school offers numerous financial aid services to help students find the best method for financing their education.

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