University of Nebraska Medical Center MPH Programs

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MPH Program Overview

The University of Nebraska offers an MPH Program that is fully accredited and focuses on the skills needed to boost the overall health of the population at large. It offers several different electives in addition to the core curriculum that helps students focus their efforts on various areas of study that will enhance their understanding of specific areas of study within the field. It’s a campus based forty five credit hour program that covers all areas of the subject.

MPH Curriculum and Courses

As mentioned above, the MPH program is a forty five credit hour program and it features several concentration areas. The specific curriculum will focus on core classes in all of these concentrations, but then the specialization of a particular student will focus more intently on their chosen field. Areas of concentration in the program include the following.

• Health Policy
• Public Health Administration
• Biostatistics
• Health Promotion
• Epidemiology
• Social Marketing and Health Communication
• Environmental and Occupational Health
• Community Oriented Primary Care
• Maternal and Child Health

MPH Admissions

The MPH Program admission requirements include the following

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher
• 3.0 GPA during undergraduate studies
• 3 Letters of recommendation
• One page personal statement
• Resume showing at least one year work or volunteer history in a health related field
• GRE scores at or above fortieth percentile
• TOEFL scores if applicant is an international student

Additionally, some of the concentration areas may also have specific course prerequisites in mathematics or statistics classes. The website for the program will detail concentration-specific requirements clearly.

MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs are currently at 216 dollars per credit hour for residents of Nebraska and 641 dollars per credit hour for those who are non-residents. Additional fees are possible as well. Numerous financial aid options including fellowships, assistantships, loans, grants, and scholarships exist and some employers also have tuition assistance programs that students can investigate further.

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