University of Michigan School of Public Health

4260 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109

MPH Program Overview

The MPH Program from the University of Michigan is built around the core competencies and then allows students to focus on different areas of the field. It is a campus based program that features internships and other requirements and is designed to give students the skills to enter research based roles or leadership roles in the public health field. Regardless of the specific concentration area one wants to entre, this program is a solid foundation for a long career in the field.

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MPH Curriculum

The MPH Program from the University of Michigan is a sixty credit hour program that involves forty core credits and then courses based on their specific area of interest. The program culminates with the integrative capstone course. Some of the core classes include:

• Principles of Environmental Health Sciences
• Quantitative Methods
• Economics
• Epidemiology
• Organizational Theory/Management
• Accounting
• Health Policy
• Law
• Health Services Systems
• Professional Development

After these core classes students will choose electives to make up the remainder of the credits needed to graduate.

MPH Admissions

Students planning on enrolling in the MPH program will need to submit the following materials:

• SOPHAS application form, fully completed
• GRE test scores from five years ago or less
• Nonrefundable application fee
• Three letters of recommendation
• Full transcripts detailing all college work, undergrad and graduate work alike.

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MPH Tuition

The overall tuition fees for Michigan residents are 11,975 dollars for full time students. Nonresidents pay 19,799 for a full time semester. Part time students will pay based on the credit hour, with residents paying 1,291 dollars and nonresidents paying 2,160 dollars. Numerous grants, scholarships, fellowships, and other programs are available to help students pay for their education and those who are currently employed may be able to find tuition assistance from their employers in many cases as well.

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