University of Connecticut MPH Program

249 Glenbrook Road, Storrs, CT 06269
(860) 486-2000

MPH Program Overview

The MPH program from the University of Connecticut is a fully accredited program that allows students to enhance their education and master a variety of skills that will help them improve the overall health of the population. It’s a 48 credit program that is designed for full or part time students. The program is campus based and concludes with the completion of a capstone project, usually either an essay, a thesis, or another type of project designed to demonstrate a mastery of the subject matter.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The MPH program involves completion of sixteen different courses. These are divided between the core classes that make up the backbone of the MPH field:

• Social Sciences
• Biostatistics
• Environmental Health
• Health Systems Administration
• Public Health Law
• Research Methods
• Epidemiology

Once that these programs are completed the student can then choose a specialized area of study and complete five to seven electives to help focus on those skills, in addition to completion of the practicum and the capstone project.

MPH Admissions

Along with a completed application and transcripts from your undergraduate college, other materials must be submitted as well. These are:

• Personal Letter of Application
• Three Letters of Recommendation
• GRE Scores
• Residence Affidavit
• TOEFL Scores – for International applicants

The school offers an online application process as well that can greatly speed up and simplify the process.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition fees of 5,112 dollars for residents and 13,266 dollars for nonresidents are charged to full time students. The school also charges numerous fees that cover a variety of different issues. Those applying for admissions will be able to review a number of different financial aid options including:

• Grants
• Scholarships
• Assistantships
• Fellowships
• Student Loans

and more, including the possibility of employer assistance in some cases. A financial officer can assist with more information on the various options for financial aid.

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