Tulane’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Tulane University’s Center for Applied Environmental Public Health is designed to help mid-career health professionals to enhance their career options in several different MPH concentrations:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Disaster Management
  • Industrial Hygiene

The Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has been in the business of educating professionals in public health since the early 20th century. The schools is dedicated to giving the highest quality education to professionals who work in public health. The school uses the latest Internet technology and programs today to enhance the program’s online learning programs.

The online program at Tulane is designed to provide a more traditional degree program approach. That is, you are not going to take very many courses at your own pace. The courses are highly interactive and are offered after regular work hours, but you will usually be taking the classes simultaneously with other students. This live and highly interactive nature of the program, in addition to small group work, will encourage you to network with your peers. You will have a better grasp of the many career possibilities with your MPH as you interact online with other professionals.

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More About MPH Concentrations

MPH in Occupational Health and Safety Management

The purpose of the program is to boost your management skills, as a mid career professional in health and safety, and to give you the skills and ability to advance into senior leadership roles in your organization. You will be able to apply the concepts of finance and budgeting to programs in environmental health and safety, and you also will be able to integrate such programs into regular management systems.

MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health

This program is designed to prepare you in the mid career health professions to have the skills and knowledge to deal with occupational illness and injury and prevent them from occurring. This Tulane program is designed for people including doctors and nurses and other health and environmental professionals who want to advance in their field. There is a focus in the program on chemical hazards and exposure, assessment of health effects, and how to design and implement key preventative measures and to promote workplace health and safety.

MPH in Industrial Hygiene

The industrial hygiene program prepares you to be able to deal with a variety of chemical, biological and physical problems in the workplace and environment inside of buildings. Also, you will be prepared for the CIH certification exam that is given by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. You will be provided with the skills to anticipate and deal with hazards and exposures in the work environment, and to apply principles of science and engineering to control such hazards.

MPH in Disaster Management

You will learn how to plan, respond and evaluate potential and real disasters and how they affect public health. You will develop the skills so that you can advance into upper management positions in your public health organization. You will be trained to develop, execute and evaluate programs that deal with disasters. You will take courses in crisis communication, population programs and psychological aspects of public disasters.

MPH Admission Process

To be admitted into the online MPH program at Tulane, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school in the United States. You should have at least a 3.0 GPA, two letters of recommendation, a strong statement of your career goals, and an updated resume. You should  have at least three years of related work experience, or provide a detailed explanation of why you do not.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Each course in the Tulane online MPH programs costs $2985 each, and the total fee for the program is approximately $30,000. Every online student is eligible for federal Stafford loans. Also, there are a limited number of grants and scholarships available for MPH students at Tulane.

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