Thomas Jefferson University MPH Program

1020 Locust Street Philadelphia PA 19107-6799
(215) 955-6000

MPH Program Overview

The MPH Program provides health care professionals with the ability to assume duties in schools, health agencies, public health research centers, global health environments, state or local public health departments, and much more. The duties of a graduate from an MPH program include things like tracking disease, making community health assessments, developing policies or programs to help reduce disease, risk, and injury, and much more. This is a campus based program that provides a full understanding of the skills and abilities needed to thrive in this role.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The overall MPH Curriculum from Thomas Jefferson University is forty five credits long. Core classes make up thirty six of those credits and include:

• Public Health Policy and Advocacy
• Program Planning and Evaluation
• Basic Public Health Statistics
• Introduction to Public Health
• Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
• Health Research Methods

Nine credits are earned through electives such as:

• Advanced Epidemiology
• Health Communication and Social Marketing
• Dimensions of Global Health
• Cultural Competence and Humility
• And more

A capstone seminar and project are also involved in the curriculum of this MPH program.

MPH Admissions

Admission requirements include the following:

• Either a competitive GRE score, GPA of 3.3, a Graduate degree with a B or higher average, or current enrollment in a grad level clinical program such as an MD or MSN degree.
• A Bachelor’s degree or higher
• GPA of 3.0 or higher
• Basic Statistics competency
• Professional or volunteer experience in a community health setting

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Overall costs are 957 dollars per credit hour per semester for the MPH program. The school works hard to ensure that financial aid can be found and there are numerous programs, loans, grants, and scholarships available to help students pay for their education and earn their MPH degree.

MPH Video Overview

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