University of Sydney School of Public Health

NSW 2006
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MPH Program Overview

The Sydney School of Public Health is one of the largest and oldest departments of public health in the country of Australia. It originally was set up in 1930 as the Commonwealth School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Today it is one of eight schools inside of the Sydney Medical School. This school of public health is a vibrant group of people, research groups and health organizations that offers many excellent research and educational opportunities in public health for students from all over the globe.

The staff of the Sydney School of Public Health have a very high reputation for quality teaching and research. The staff who teaches here are leaders in their respective fields – tobacco control, diagnostic test equipment, control of cancer and chronic diseases, aging and population health.

MPH Curriculum and Courses

The Public Health School offers graduate diplomas, master’s degrees and research degrees related closely to the field of public health. All of the programs in the school are designed to provide you with the most choice and flexibility so that you can get the most flexibility and choice so that you can get the qualifications you want.

You have the choice of studying either full or part time, and you also can study on campus or online in the following areas:

  • Public Health
  • International Public Health
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Health Policy
  • Indigenous Health Promotion
  • Health Communication
  • Qualitative Health Research

The School also conducts research in the field of public health that contributes to the field on both the national and global levels.

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MPH Admissions

To be admitted into the public health program, you need to first select a course, study program or a research degree, and then apply for a place in that particular program.

To earn a place in the School, you will need to submit test scores, your official college transcripts, recommendations, a personal statement and a resume.

MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The total cost of this program is approximately $30,000 US per year. There are several scholarships that are available to both domestic and international students. There also are some assistantships and fellowships that are available for public health students.

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