The Milken Institute of Public Health

2300 Eye Street, NW Washington, DC 20037

MPH Program Overview

Milken School of Public Health offers a total of thirteen different concentrations within its Masters in Public Health program, letting students select the one that best targets their overall goals. There are numerous interdisciplinary focuses within the program but the overall goal is to prevent injury and disease within the population and help increase the overall health level of the nation or the world in general. The program is a classroom based program that is capped off with a practicum to demonstrate the student’s complete understand of the program. The main areas that make up the foundation of the program are covered along with numerous specialization areas.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

Along with the main cornerstones of the public health spectrum like environmental health, biostatistics, and disease mechanisms, students will select from a number of different specialized areas. Each of these will influence their career path and the specific courses they take during their education. Specialized areas of concentration include the following:

• Global Health
• Epidemiology
• Community Oriented Primary Care
• Biostatistics
• Environmental Health Science and policy
• Global Environmental Health
• Global Health Epidemiology
• Health Promotion
• Physical Activity in Public Health
• Health Policy
• Maternal and Child Health
• Public Health Management
• Public Health Communication and Marketing

While each class will share several core programs, these concentrations provide much greater in depth training in their respective fields.

MPH Admissions

Those hoping to enroll in the MPH program here will be required to submit an application form, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts from your undergraduate studies, and current GRE test scores. Those with four years of work experience may be able to avoid some aspects of the admissions process, and your admissions advisor will help detail more about this.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition fees at the moment are 1,248 dollars per credit hour. Overall the program will cost 56,160 dollars since it is a forty five credit hour program. Rates will increase each year in most cases, and these rates are applicable for the 2013 school year. Financial aid options are readily available as well.

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