San Jose State University MPH Program

1 Washington Sq., San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 924-1000

MPH Program Overview

San Jose State offers two different ways to take the MPH program – through a campus based program that provides an in-depth education into the subject or through a fully accredited online MPH program that is 42 credit units and takes two years to complete. Both options are excellent, and both provide a solid education in the field. The online course requires students to meet once per year for five days on the campus, while the rest of the time students will meet one per week for a live class session online. The programs give students the ability to research, analyze, develop, and implement numerous public health policies and combat various risks that confront the population and its health as a whole.

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MPH Curriculum

Both the campus and online versions of the program provide the same in depth education and both will involve the same courses and classes. There are several core classes that are the foundation of the program including:

• Applied Data Analysis
• Theoretical Bases of Health Behavior
• Groups and Training: Theory and Practice
• Community Organization and Health Promotion

There are many more core classes, and fieldwork and work experience must also be completed in order to graduate from the program.

MPH Admissions

Students will have to hold an undergraduate degree and will have to complete an undergrad biostatistics program in order to gain admission into the program. Students will also have to submit GPA, school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more in order for the admissions board to consider their application.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The specific fees for the MPH Program from San Jose State will vary depending on which of the two types of the program you enroll in, whether or not you are a resident, and whether you are full or part time. A financial advisor can help detail the costs more, and can help you find financial aid like loans, scholarships, grants, and more.

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