San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health

5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA 92182
(619) 594-2747

MPH Program Overview

The MPH program from San Diego State University is available from one of only four fully accredited public health schools in the state of California and is a fully accredited 51 unit program. Several different concentration areas are available and each one features a quality education in all aspects of the field. It’s a campus based program and also involves the completion of a field practicum to allow students to complete their education by utilizing their skills in real world settings.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The MPH program draws from numerous areas of the public health field, but the key features are that students enrolling here will be able to select from one of five different concentration areas:

• Health Promotion
• Biometry
• Health Services Administration
• Environmental Health
• Epidemiology

These five specialization areas are also the core courses of the MPH program as a whole. Students will complete basic programs in these fields and then partake in various classes related to their chosen concentration. Field practice is featured near the end of the student’s educational experience and provides the remaining credits needed for graduation.

MPH Admissions

Several different admission requirements must be met for students to gain admittance into the program. These include:

• GPA of 2.85
• GRE Scores
• Bachelor’s or higher degree
• Letters of recommendation
• Statement of intent

Additional requirements and possibly prerequisite classes may need to be met as well depending upon the specific area of concentration one wishes to enroll int.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Total costs of attendance in graduate classes for a semester are 20,553 dollars for California residents and 27,249 dollars for nonresident students. The school makes it easy to apply for various financial aid options including assistantships, scholarships, grants, and loans. A financial advisor can assist you in determining which of the different programs is the right one for you to apply for.

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