Northern Illinois University MPH Program

231 N Annie Glidden Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 753-9984

MPH Program Overview

As a fully accredited MPH program, this degree track provides health care professionals with the skills they need to excel in leadership positions in the public health field or for various health organizations. The program offers two specialization tracks – health promotion or health services management. It also prepares students to sit for the CHES examination and the Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Examination depending on the completion of various elective classes during the course of the program.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The total curriculum of the MPH program is 43-46 semester hours and includes numerous core classes as well as specialized classes based on the area of concentration one chooses. An internship is also required and can be completed through numerous health organizations. Core courses make up twenty four credit hours and include:

• Health Services Management
• Biostatistics in Public Health
• Introduction to Health Systems in the US
• Community Health Planning
• Principles and Methods of Public Health

Specialized classes could include:

• Theories and Principles in Health Promotion
• Community Health Promotion Programs
• Health Economics for Health Service Managers
• Human Resources Management in Health Care Setting

MPH Admissions

Admission into the MPH program is granted by an admissions committee. Along with holding an undergraduate or graduate degree in a related field, work experience in public health is preferred as are high GPAs and GRE scores.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending Northern Illinois University can vary greatly depending on a number of different things ranging from medical insurance to the number of hours spent on or off campus in studies. To figure out the estimated cost of your MPH degree, the school has an easy to use tuition calculator that will factor in all data and provide an estimate. Additionally, numerous financial aid options like grants, scholarships, loans, and even tuition reimbursement programs are available.

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