Mercer University MPH Program

1400 Coleman Avenue Macon, GA 31207
(478) 301-2700

MPH Program Overview

Enrolling in the MPH program at Mercer University means enrolling in a quality program designed to create numerous careers that will help lead public health forward into the future. The program helps place a global view of health on the field and is fully accredited. It provides diverse education and is a campus based program that allows current working professionals to master the research and application skills needed to develop education, awareness, and prevention programs as well as other facets of the field. Special focus is placed on public health in rural or underserved areas in this country and abroad. Depending on the type of program you take, the course can be completed in between two and five years.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

As with many MPH programs, the Mercer MPH program provides an in-depth curriculum that allows students to focus on numerous specialized areas.

• Students begin by completing the core curriculum which serves as an introduction to the main concepts behind public health such as biostatistics and epidemiology.
• After this initial core coursework, specializations are chosen and electives are taken to help hone the skills in a particular area. Specialized areas include things like Chronic Diseases, Bioterrorism, Rural Health, Minority Health, Maternal and Child Health, and more.
• A two hundred and forty hour internship must be completed as well.
• A Capstone project is a part of the curriculum here also.
• Forty hours of community service must also be completed during the program in order to graduate.

MPH Admissions

Several requirements exist for admissions to the program including:

• Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college
• GPA of at least 2.8 or higher.
• GRE scores are required to be submitted, though minimum scores don’t exist.
• International Students must submit TOEFL exam scores.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The total cost of the MPH program from Mercer University runs around thirty five thousand dollars. There are numerous financial aid options that exist to help make it easier to pay for the program.

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