Kaplan University MPH Program

3165 Edgewood Parkway, SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

MPH Program Overview

The MPH program from Kaplan University awards you a degree from a regionally accredited school that can carry you far in your career. The program is available entirely online and is very easy for working professionals to fit into their busy schedules. Those enrolling here will be able to assume positions after graduation that allow them to assess various environmental or occupational exposures and how they affect individual health, and then develop education programs or public health policies that will provide solutions for overcoming the numerous issues confronting the overall health of the population.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The program is made up of a combination of core classes and electives. Some examples of the core classes that are involved in the program include:

• Public Health Biology
• Health Behavior
• Disaster Management for Public Health Professionals
• Health Policy and Ethics in Public Health
• Health Care Financial Management

Elective choices help to focus on specialized areas of study in the field and include things like:

• Chronic Disease Epidemiology
• Health Care Safety
• Grant and Contract Writing
• Health Law
• Community Health Assessment
• Public Health Program Development
• Data Management Systems in Epidemiology

MPH Admissions

Those enrolling in Kaplan University will need to talk to an admissions advisor in order to gain a full understanding of just what is expected of them. There are numerous different requirements, but in general the basic requirements involve age and language requirements. Holding a bachelor’s degree and submitting your transcripts will be required as well.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

The overall cost of education here comes to 23,100 dollars for the complete program. Other fees may apply, and in many cases veterans will qualify for discounts. Scholarships, loans, grants, veteran discounts, and more are available and Kaplan’s representatives will help you work to find the financing option that fits your needs the best.

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