Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

The master’s in public health (MPH) program at Johns Hopkins University is recognized as one of the best programs in the United States. As of 2012, U.S. News and World Report ranked it as the #1 school in the United States for public health. This program will prepare you to become a public health professional leader that can address many current public health crises, You will use a multidisciplinary approach and will apply the most cutting edge knowledge of science to help to solve public health problems globally.

This unique MPH program is offered in a part-time Internet format that allows you to choose to take most of your courses online and complete the program in two to three years. You will need to appear at the orientation program at the East Baltimore campus at the start of the term, or at the campus in Barcelona. This orientation lasts two weeks. After that, you can earn 80% of your course credit online. For the rest of your coursework at Johns Hopkins, you can choose regular campus courses in Baltimore, or condensed summer/winter courses offered in Baltimore and nearby Washington, D.C.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

Johns Hopkins offers a wonderful area of concentrations for the MPH degree, including:

  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Global Environmental Sustainability and Health
  • Health in Crisis and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Health Leadership and Management
  • Health Systems and Policy
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Women’s and Reproductive Health
  • Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods

Core courses that all MPH student complete include Statistical Reasoning, Statistical Methods, Methods in Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Principles of Epidemiology, Public Health Practice, Problem Solving in Public Health, and Evolution of Infectious Disease. There also is a practicum that is required of students without significant public health work experience.

MPH Admission Process And Standards

To be considered for admission at Johns Hopkins, you will need to have a very strong academic record, with a strong emphasis on quantitative skills. You really need to focus your application on quantitative abilities, such as your coursework or  your scores on standardized tests. Also, you must have at least two years of related work experience, and very clear and demonstrated career goals that show how an MPH is a good fit.

To stay in the MPH program, you need to have at least a 2.5 GPA, and you must have a grade of C or higher in all classes. Also you must take all core courses within the first year, and you must complete the MPH program in three years.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

The Bloomberg School of Public Health offers several scholarshipsto deserving professionals. More funding resources also are available. The cost of the program is $923 per credit hour, with a total of 80 credits needed. If you do decide to move to Baltimore and do the full time program, the cost is $55,380.

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