Concordia University MPH Program

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MPH Program Overview

The online MPH degree from Concordia University helps train students to excel in the public health field. Areas covered during the program include things like health policies, public health programs, health education, and more. Students may assume leadership roles or could work to analyze and implement various public health programs. The program is available online so that it’s much easier to fit into a schedule and prepares you for entry into the field in two different areas of expertise. Not all MPH programs are available online, but Concordia University is proud to be able to offer the option to those who are interested in taking it.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

Core curriculum classes will include the following:

• Biostatistics
• Applied Epidemiology
• Principles of Health Behavior
• Fundamentals of public health

As mentioned above, there are two specializations that you’ll choose if you enroll in the MPH program at Concordia University. These are Community Health Education and Health Policy and Administration. Both are excellent choices and will feature similar core classes along with specific classes that are tailored to each concentration. For example, the Community Health education program involves classes like:

• Professional Ethics
• Community Health
• Marketing Public Health

While the health policy and administration track will focus on classes within that discipline.

MPH Admissions

Admission requirements for the program include:

• Bachelor’s degree earned with an undergrad GPA of at least 3.0
• Essay of 500-750 words concerning your reasons for wanting to enroll
• Current resume
• Completion of a statistics course during undergraduate studies

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Overall costs will vary depending upon the type of program enrolled in. Average fees are around 570 dollars per credit. Your financial advisor will be able to help you understand what your specific costs are and help you learn about the different types of financial aid available.

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