Benedictine University MPH Program

5700 College Road Kindlon Hall, Room 258 Lisle, IL 60532
(630) 829-6215

MPH Program Overview

This program focuses on providing an online masters in public health degree or certificates in specialized areas of the field. In most cases students will be involved in a combination of online and campus based classes depending upon the instructor and what they allow. The program includes numerous core classes and electives and qualifies current working health care professionals to take steps forward in their field and become planners, practitioner, evaluators, and more. Community health programs, workplace health programs, and more are all key components of what an MPH will qualify a student to work in.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The program totals at sixty six quarter hours. This involves a total of twelve quarter credits in electives, six quarter credits in an internship position, and forty eight quarter credits in core curriculum courses. Core courses include the following:

• Environmental Health
• Public Health System
• Ethical and Political Issues
• Health Policy
• Cultural Context of Health
• Management of Health Services Organizations
• Public Health Biology
• Epidemiology
• Biostatistics
• Management of Health Services Organizations
• And more

Electives help focus your degree on specific areas of the MPH field. Concentration areas within the field including:

• Disaster Management
• Health Education and Promotion
• Community Nutrition
• Health Management and Policy

MPH Admissions

Students enrolling in the program must have the following:

• Two letters of recommendation
• Bachelor’s or higher degree
• 3.5 GPA or completion of a graduate professional exam

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs for Benedictine University are twelve thousand dollars per 12-18 credit hour semester. Part time students pay eight hundred and thirty dollars per credit hour. There are also numerous fees that may be applied to a student’s fee. There are numerous financial aid options and financing plans that are available to help make it easy to afford this investment in your future, however.

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