Armstrong Atlantic State University MPH

11935 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31419

MPH Program Overview

Armstrong Atlantic State University offers an excellent MPH program made up of forty five semester hours and it is usually completed over the course of eight semesters. The program is offered primarily through evening campus-based classes and is designed for working professionals. It includes small class sizes and professors who are accessible with ease so that students will be able to learn from them instead of struggling. The program focuses on building a total community health awareness and covers nearly all aspects of the field equally.

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MPH Curriculum and Courses

The MPH program at Armstrong Atlantic State University is made up of a total of fifteen courses, with 10 core classes, three elective courses, and a total of six hours of practicum. Courses include:

• Health Communication
• Biostatistics
• Public Health Practicum
• Epidemiology
• Theory in Health Education
• Biostatistics
• Public Health Management
• Environmental Health Issues

MPH Admissions

There are several requirements for acceptance into the MPH program here. The primary two are:

• A 2.8 Undergrad grade point average
• An 800 combined GRE score on the quantitative and verbal sections

Applicants will be required to submit these as well as a letter of intent, work experience form, a thirty dollar application fee and two references. The program is designed for professionals who have already spent time working in the health field.

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MPH Tuition and Financial Aid

Total tuition fees will vary but are based on a by-credit hour price that is normally around seven hundred dollars for in-state residents and around 1,300 dollars for out of state students. The exact cost by semester will vary depending upon how many hours of classes you enroll in. There are numerous financial aid options as well as outright financing options that can help you afford to pay for the course.

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