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Get your master’s degree in public health, international public health, epidemiology & biostatistics, social behavioral health, health education, nursing public health, public policy or environmental science in Rhode Island- online options available. Contact a school today for more info.

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Rhode Island may be small in size, but it’s well known for its diverse residents and the strength of its academic sector. Choosing to enroll in a Rhode Island school means that you’ll enjoy New England beauty while getting a solid education. And choosing to major in public health ensures the best possible prospects for your future since a serious shortage of public health professionals is expected to exist by the year 2020. Earning a Master’s in Public Health will ensure that you get the best possible education and learn the skills and abilities needed to excel. Rhode Island has one of the best schools in the nation for earning your Masters in Public Health.

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Brown University Masters Public Health Programs

Brown University is one of the single most respected schools in the world, not just the nation, and competition to gain admission into any of its programs is fierce. Founded in 1764, it’s also the seventeenth oldest school in the nation and boasts over eight thousand students currently enrolled.

Masters of Public Health
The school receives over forty two million dollars in funding for its public health programs and is fully accredited and highly respected. Earning a Public Health degree here will cover the five core principles of public health and give students the skills needed to truly excel at their profession. Graduates will qualify to sit for either of the two major certification exams and will be able to properly evaluate, plan, and manage public health services in a variety of locations, environments, and roles.

Contact Information
Address: 71 George Street Providence, RI 02912-9025
Phone: 401-863-1000
Website: http://publichealth.brown.edu/

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