Online MPH Masters in Social Behavioral Health Degree Programs

A master’s in public health with a focus on social and behavioral sciences puts the focus on the effects of various social factors and individual behaviors on human health. If you can better understand these factors, public health professionals can aid individuals and groups in altering their behavior. The programs below are both online and traditional, and are noted as such.

  1. University of Liverpool: (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) This international track of this Masters in Public Health stresses a total analysis of infectious diseases, nutrition, environmental health, infrastructure of health care and health project management in an international atmosphere, particularly in Third World countries.
  2. Capella University: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With your Master of General Public Health, and with concentrations in Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the concepts of public health, the practices and theories and also improve your ability to work with other people in both the private and public sector whose work is often in the arena of public health. The curriculum focuses on public health concepts in the environment, the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology, and public health administration. This is one of the most well rounded Online MPH programs for future careers in private and public sectors.
  3. University of Southern California: (This program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended). As part of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, you can specialize in one of five core areas of public health: epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, environmental and occupational health, and the social and behavioral sciences.
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  5. Boston University: Focusing more on the behavior and social sciences gives public health professionals a better opportunity to understand how social factors and human behavior alters human health patterns. This is a two year program.
  6. Yale: This program will instruct you on the social, behavioral and psychological issues that combine with biological factors to have an effect on illness, health and recovery. The areas of expertise in the Yale program are disease prevention, health promotion, social and behavioral interventions and psychosocial epidemiology.
  7. John Hopkins University: This concentration will provide you with the basis in theory of behavioral intervention and psychosocial influences on both illness and health; and the social and behavioral intervention design and implementation framework, as well as research methods in sociology and behavior.
  8. Berkeley: You will be trained to identify and to analyze the social, cultural and biobehavioral elements that influence both health and human behavior. You also will learn how to implement interventions and social policies that will help to improve health in the community. You will study courses in statistics, public health, epidemiology, health and social behavior, theories of health and social behavior, and research methods.
  9. University of Nevada: You will be prepared to move into public health positions that focus on the social behavior reasons behind public health problems. The program will focus on strategies to promote health and prevent disease in at risk populations through strong health policies, and interventions in the area of social structure, family and community.
  10. University of Wisconsin: This program is a master’s of science in social and behavioral health sciences. It will give you the ability to analyze data and to develop the skills that you need to address the many problems of that are related to public health. The coursework and research collaboration here will train you to use scientific and analytic methods that are very rigorous to do thing such as to cut the mortality rate due to obesity, determine the best ways to prevent disease and to promote good health in the local population.
  11. University of Washington: This program is well suited for those who want to apply the behavioral and social sciences to the study, practice and thought behind public health. You will learn such advanced skills as survey research, stats, measurement of behavior, ethnography, quality of life assessment, participatory research and cost effectiveness analysis.
  12. San Diego State University: The curriculum in this MPH program will examine socio-ecological factors that influence health behavior and cause problems such as premature mortality. You will learn evaluation and research skills that are appropriate for both community health and health behavior research.
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  14. University of Florida: You will explore the issues that are faced by diverse populations and will acquire the public health skills to help them to adapt to needed social and behavioral change. You will likely be able to be employed in various health agencies across the country and world with this MPH.
  15. Texas A&M: This program focuses on issues pertaining to the border, and you will take classes in rural public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational health, research models, border health and program evaluation.

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