Online MPH Masters in Public Health Policy Degree Programs

The MPH in health policy is designed to give you a broad understanding of the development and the implementation of health policies. The top programs in this concentration will teach you about the most important health policy issues, health care systems and public health programs in a variety of countries of various means around the world.

  1. Capella University: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With your Master of General Public Health, and with concentrations in Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the concepts of public health, the practices and theories and also improve your ability to work with other people in both the private and public sector whose work is often in the arena of public health. The curriculum focuses on public health concepts in the environment, the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology, and public health administration. This is one of the most well rounded Online MPH programs for future careers in private and public sectors.
  2. University of Southern California(This program is 100% Online. Highly Recommened). As part of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, you can specialize in one of five core areas of public health: epidemiologybiostatisticshealth policyenvironmental and occupational health, and the social and behavioral sciences.
  3. Loyola University: This is a 44 hour program that has six core courses and six courses in the health policy and law area. You will get the theoretical, methodological and practical experience that you need to best address health policy and law with a careful emphasis on racial and economic disparities of health outcomes.
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  5. University of Illinois Chicago: You will get a deep understanding of health care law, policy and administration. You will obtain better skills in communication, strategy development, values and ethics. You also will get a better understanding of the managerial skills that you need in public health organizations.
  6. New York Medical College: The courses here are specially designed to give you a better understanding of the business, planning, policy and programmatic aspects of health care. You will be prepared for careers in all kinds of health services and research environments. You will understand how to develop, implement and finance health policy ad describe how it affects consumers, payers and providers, and you will learn how to identify new models and trends in healthcare financing.
  7. Johns Hopkins University: This is one of the top MPH programs in the world, and this health policy track will cover the US healthcare system, health insurance, health financing, health policy, public health practice, politics of health care, health advocacy, health economics, and health systems research.
  8. University of Alabama-Birmingham: This program will train analysts to work in government agencies, legislative bodies at all levels of government, managed care facilities, and consulting firms. You will study statistical analysis, environmental health, SAS software, review research, social and behavioral sciences, public health policy, modeling and simulation and integrative policy analysis.
  9. Boston University: You will learn how to implement creative solutions to complex health care problems in our health care system. You will learn how effective management and health policy is linked, and learn how to incorporate skills that include management, policy analysis and finance.
  10. Columbia: You will get a background in how our system of politics and the economics of health affect the policy of health care. You will learn how to interpret our modern status of health care policy and to also predict trends in the future. You will be prepared to work in various health departments and government agencies.
  11. University of Arizona: You will be readied for roles of leadership in both the public and private sectors and to create and to implement policies that will promote the public health. This particular program is focused on the diverse populations of the southwest United States.
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  13. UCLA: This two-year program will teach you how to play roles of leadership in private and public institutions that are involved in the organizing, financing, and delivering of health care services. You also will learn how to develop better legislation and regulation that will boost community health.
  14. St. Louis University: This program combines the core public health education with leadership training that is usually found in a health management degree. This program involves 51 hours and will take two years full time to complete.

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