Online MPH Masters in Public Health Nursing Degree Programs

A master’s of public health with a concentration in nursing integrates advanced practices and skills in nursing with the most advanced public health training. This excellent MPH degree gives you the skills that you need to pursue your nursing career in the area of public and community health. You will be able to take on major leadership responsibilities in many community health care settings, government centers and also nonprofit organizations. If you want to go for a career in the field of nursing but also are interested in health from both the clinical and the public health angle, you should consider an MPH with a concentration in nursing.

  1. Capella University: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With your Master of General Public Health, and with concentrations in Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the concepts of public health, the practices and theories and also improve your ability to work with other people in both the private and public sector whose work is often in the arena of public health. The curriculum focuses on public health concepts in the environment, the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology, and public health administration. This is one of the most well rounded Online MPH programs for future careers in private and public sectors.
  2. University of Liverpool: (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) This international track of this Masters in Public Health stresses a total analysis of infectious diseases, nutrition, environmental health, infrastructure of health care and health project management in an international atmosphere, particularly in Third World countries.
  3. University of North Carolina: This is a distance, master’s in public health program with a focus on occupational health nursing. You will study industrial hygiene, toxicology, occupational safety, occupational health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health behavior and health education.
  4. Johns Hopkins University: This program integrates highly advanced nursing practice and management, with a perspective that focuses on the community population and improving nursing services in many local settings. If you are interested in both clinical practice and the factors of society that affect care and also the public health implications, this may be the program for you.
  5. Emory University: This program will give you a dual MSN-MPH degree is designed for the nurse that wishes to enhance knowledge and skills in the local community and public health, and also in clinical nursing.
  6. University of Illinois at Chicago: This program leads to a master of science in nursing and a master’s degree in public health. You will take classes in nursing systems management, advanced community health nursing, financial resource management for nurses, health/environment and nursing, and all of the regular public health courses in epidemiology, biostatistics and behavioral science.
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  8. University of San Francisco: This MPH program within the School of Nursing will prepare you to manage public health care programs in many settings, with a strong emphasis on promoting health and education. You will have to produce an original graduate project and also a 300 hour internship.
  9. New York University: This MPH with a concentration in nursing will provide you with the ability to pursue your career both in public health and nursing in the following areas: nursing informatics/global health, advanced practice nursing, nurse-midwifery/global health leadership, nursing administration/global health leadership, nursing health education/global health leadership.
  10. Oregon Health and Science University: This program will result in a master’s of science in nursing and a master’s in public health. You will be ready to assume a clinical leadership role with this degree in all sorts of community health centers, HMOs and health departments.
  11. University of Washington: The objective of this program is to provide students with a master’s degree in nursing and in public health concurrently. You will learn competence in advanced nursing practices in the focus area you choose, a deep understanding of how the health care system is both organized and how it functions, and the analytical skills that you need to do research and to perform well in all careers that are related to public health services.
  12. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: This is a dual degree program that results in a master’s degree in community health nursing and a master’s degree in public health. This program is highly suitable for those who want to address the most critical issues that deal with the nation’s health, especially in the most high risk and underserved areas.
  13. University of Maryland: This university offers a dual master of science in nursing and an MPH. This will prepare you for many different jobs within nursing and the public health. You will be able to earn both of these degrees in about three years. You will have a good understanding of both the public health and clinical practice.

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