Online MPH Masters in Biostatistics Degree Programs

A master’s of public policy in biostatistics focuses on the accumulation, tracking, analysis and application of data, and how this data is then used to make public health and policy decisions. Biostatistics are critical in public health because they are used to understand how a disease is spread. Scientists will do test on people who have contracted a disease, and then compare various factors about them to the rest of the population to determine why some people got the disease and some did not. So, biostatistics is an absolutely essential part of effective public health policy.

The biostatistics programs listed below are both online and on campus.

  1. University of Southern California: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) Choose one of three tracks for your MPH Degree. The Biostatistics and Epidemiology Track allows students to learn to use statistical procedures, techniques and methodologies to identify health trends. Discover the concepts and tools associated with biostatistics and epidemiology to determine what causes disease or injury, what the risks are and how to prevent further incidences. Identify and understand the trends that influence disease and evaluate new treatments for disease.
  2. Capella University: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With your Master of General Public Health, and with concentrations in Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the concepts of public health, the practices and theories and also improve your ability to work with other people in both the private and public sector whose work is often in the arena of public health. The curriculum focuses on public health concepts in the environment, the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology, and public health administration. This is one of the most well rounded Online MPH programs for future careers in private and public sectors.
  3. University of Liverpool: (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) This international track of this Masters in Public Health stresses a total analysis of infectious diseases, nutrition, environmental health, infrastructure of health care and health project management in an international atmosphere, particularly in Third World countries.
  4. University of Massachusetts: This is one of the top online line MPH biostatistics programs in the country and can be completed online. You will take about 8 courses in biostatistics and also MPH courses in epidemiology, genomics, global health and environmental health.
  5. University of South Florida: The MPH program is designed for students who have strong quantitative backgrounds, and it will help them to assist with designing, implementing and analyzing research projects. They also will learn how to use and understand statistical analyses that are used and found in scientific reports and journals.
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  7. University of Minnesota: You must meet five basic core competencies in public health: administration, behavioral science, biostatistics, environmental health and epidemiology. You will also need to take seven courses in biostatistics and to complete a written master’s project and a field experience.
  8. Loma Linda University: You will be able to apply basic theories of statistics to public health problems; help in the design and implementation of research programs, including formulation of research questions, study designs, sizes of samples, and sampling scheme; review literature that is relevant to methods of statistical analysis; and select appropriate statistical tools to analyze data.
  9. University of South Carolina: The goal of the program is to prepare students with public health work experience to be able to apply biostatistical skills in a public health environment.
  10. Columbia: You will receive a strong orientation in public health, and very deep training in quantitative methods, which will allow you to use statistical methods in the design and analysis of public health studies.
  11. Yale: You will be trained to develop and apply principles of statistics to all sorts of problems in the public health field. You will be able to produce and specify valid study designs, perform database management and also come up with working statistical tables and summaries.
  12. University of Denver: As a student here, you will learn how to use statistical measures and strong information management to collect vital health data and to analyze it and interpret it. Courses include applied biostatistics, environmental health, applied biostatistics II, advanced data analysis, statistical consulting, and clinical trial design.
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  14. University of Alabama-Birmingham: You will study courses in statistical methods, data management, writing and reviewing research, social/behavioral science, epidemiology, data management, and also be required to do a biostatistics internship for 6 months.
  15. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: This program stresses the concepts that undergird the scientific method, and also the applications in advanced biomedical data collection, interpretation, analysis and results reporting. You will study the design of experimental studies, theory of probability, and also statistical computing.

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