Online Masters in International Public Health Degree Programs

A master’s of public health in the international specialization will prepare you for roles in leadership in international organizations. You will have a special emphasis on improving the health status for populations in developing nations. You also will learn how to best deal with various international health crises, emergencies and disasters, and how to plan ahead for them.

  1. University of Liverpool: (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) This international track of this Masters in Public Health stresses a total analysis of infectious diseases, nutrition, environmental health, infrastructure of health care and health project management in an international atmosphere, particularly in Third World countries.
  2. University of Southern California: (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) With this MPH Program, USC’s Global Health Leadership Track allows students to build leadership skills as you examine the impact of globalization and culture on public health. Develop the knowledge you’ll need to execute health initiatives and work with international partners to strengthen regional public health systems and enhance public health preparedness and emergency response. Learn to identify variations in health status with a focus on the impact of socioeconomic status, politics, environment, education, and other such factors on access to care, the etiology of illness, progression of disease and recovery from illness.
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  4. Capella University: (This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With your Master of General Public Health, and with concentrations in Health Management and Policy, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, you will gain a deeper knowledge of the concepts of public health, the practices and theories and also improve your ability to work with other people in both the private and public sector whose work is often in the arena of public health. The curriculum focuses on public health concepts in the environment, the principles of biostatistics and epidemiology, and public health administration. This is one of the most well rounded Online MPH programs for future careers in private and public sectors.
  5. Oregon State: You will learn how to work in and adapt to any global environment to improve public health; integrate various cultural and economic systems into the development of public health; design and also manage health development programs in accordance with international law and standards; and manage health programs in global settings.
  6. University of Sheffield (UK): You will develop the expertise that you need in public health interventions in international aid and development. There is a great deal of emphasis on applied knowledge and skills. This program is well suited for those who are looking for a career in public health abroad.
  7. Boston University: You will develop the skills and the knowledge that you need to work well in a public health environment overseas. You will be able to gain skills in design of programs, management, evaluation, research and international health knowledge, all to address the many challenges that affect disease overseas.
  8. Arcadia University: This MPH with a focus on international health will have you study social determinants of disease, international health care systems, issues in community and environmental health, biostatistics, research, program planning, case studies of public health programs, and a public health internship.
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  10. Stanford: This program offers a one year program with an international health focus, which is ideal for doctors, nurses and medical students who wish to enrich their expertise in the international area of public health. You will study health and human rights, epidemiologic needs in foreign countries, international rights and law, and international child and maternal health.
  11. University of Nottingham: This program in international public health will give you the theoretical knowledge and skills that you will need in public health practice overseas. The program offers many optional modules, and a flexible and modular structure so that you can take several different paths to receive your MPH in international public health.

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