PhD In Public Health Salary

The PhD in Public Health is a popular degree choice that can prepare mid-career professionals for forward moves into leadership roles and executive positions. The coursework covered in these careers includes financial management, research methods, leadership skills, policy and public health, and other courses that will develop the skills needed for these people to excel in leadership positions. There are often degrees available in specialized fields like health policy, international health, or epidemiology.

Career Overview

The PhD in Public Health gives students the skills that they need for various leadership careers in research facilities, public organizations, nonprofits, and academia, among others. Some students will choose to pursue a fellowship or internship after their education in order to get the training and experience that they need, while others have enough experience to transition right into a career. Many will end up working in leadership roles with state or local health departments or healthcare institutions, while others will go on to teach.

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Training in Public Health covers everything from biostatistics and epidemiology to advanced policy, public health concepts, and law and ethics. Getting the right degree will put students on the path to career success with ease. Students can apply their skills in various career positions depending on the degree that they obtain. There are many careers to choose from, but a few of the most popular are listed here for your review.

  • Epidemiology: This career is a fundamental part of public health, and is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys data, research, and analysis. It can be an educational career, as well. This field focuses on the study of disease and how it can be prevented and controlled. With a PhD, students will move into careers where they can apply their leadership skills as an educator for the public or a university. The average annual income for this career is around $62,000.
  • Public Health Management and Leadership: With a PhD, professionals can move into leadership roles in public health departments, government departments, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofits. They will be responsible for managing daily operations, policy and public health issues, and helping develop and monitor initiatives and change management plans. The average annual salary for administrators and managers is $81,000.
  • Environmental Health Sciences: As a bigger focus on the environment comes into play, there are more careers in this field than ever before. Here, professionals will need to have an understanding of biological sciences, medical science, and behavioral science. They will also use management and communication skills to help resolve complex environmental health problems, create prevention plans, and formulate public health policies. Salaries vary significantly in this field, depending on the exact position. Those with a PhD can expect an average of $72,000.
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Job information and Salary Summary

Those who hold a PhD in Public Health are going to have many advanced career opportunities in their future. This industry is growing rapidly and providing professionals with opportunities to work in leadership roles in many capacities. The average salaries earned vary significantly based on which positions you take and the type of experience that you have. Continuing education and certification may be necessary or available, depending on the position that you choose. Look into your specific field of interest for more detailed information.

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