Pennsylvania MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

pennsylvania-flagPennsylvania is one of the most historic states in the country, with sites and events dating back to the founding of our nation. It’s also one of the absolute best schools to earn a Master’s in Public Health degree thanks to the excellent educational institutions located within its borders. Finding the best school is important for ensuring you have all the skills needed to excel in your profession, and here are three of Pennsylvania’s finest universities for your consideration.

University of Pittsburgh Grad School of Public Health

A branch of the legendary and respected University of Pittsburgh, the Graduate School of Public Health was formed in 1948 with the goal of promoting better public health, education, and awareness with a focus on the industrial areas found in the region. Today its goals are still focused on disease prevention, health education, and improving the overall health of the public at large. Local, state, national, and global partnerships help to ensure the highest level of education for all students enrolled here.

Masters of Public Health

Nearly two hundred public health professionals have graduated from the Masters of Public Health program since it was implemented just over a decade ago, and the program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that all aspects of public health are touched upon. Graduates will be qualified to manage, plan, and evaluate all areas of public health and help manage emergencies that may arise.

Contact information:

  • Address: 111 Parran Hall 130 Desoto Street Pittsburgh, PA 15261
  • Phone: 412-383-7244
  • Website:

University of Pennsylvania Masters Public Health Programs

Over ten thousands students are enrolled in this school system, and unlike other Ivy League schools all of the various schools that make up the Penn system are located on a single campus. The school has won numerous accolades, and various specific branches are frequently included in many prestigious ‘best of’ lists. The public health program is of the same high quality as the rest of the programs offered here.

Masters of Public Health

The program offered here is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health, and provides a multifaceted education on all areas of public health including the core principles of biostatistics, epidemiology, and more. Graduates will be ready to handle public health jobs in a variety of different environments and positions.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 143 Anatomy-Chemistry Bldg. 3620 Hamilton Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Phone: 215-746-2043
  • Website:

East Stroudsburg University Masters Public Health Programs

Opened in 1893, East Stroudsburg University is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and takes up two hundred and fifty six acres. It’s fully equipped with labs, a planetarium, fine arts performing center and much more. Three hundred and twenty six members of the faculty ensure that students receive the high quality education that they deserve, no matter which of the many programs they enroll in. The Public Health program is highly respected and provides students all the skills, knowledge, and qualifications needed to enter this field.

Masters of Public Health

Covering all five of the public health competencies, the forty five credit hour Masters of Public Health program at East Stroudsburg University will qualify students to sit for either of the two major certifications related to public health, the Certified in Public Health exam or the Certified Health Education Specialist exam. Students will be qualified to manage, promote, develop, and evaluate public health systems and educational programs as well as having the basic skillset needed to respond to various public health emergencies whether triggered by accidents, environmental, or terrorist factors.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 200 Prospect St East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
  • Phone: 570-422-3211
  • Website:
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MPH Scholarships and Fellowships

There is no doubt that earning your MPH is a strong career move, but the financial cost is one that worries some students. In Pennsylvania, there are many grants, scholarships and fellowships that can help to offset your costs:

  • University of Pennsylvania MPH Scholarship Award: This scholarship encourages and supports outstanding MPH students. There are two competitive scholarship awards in the form of tuition remission each year. This scholarship is available for any public health concentration that the university offers.
  • Shiriki Kumanyika Award for Public Health Leadership: This scholarship is giving each year to an outstanding Penn public health student in the recognition of personal commitment and innovative vision that may result in a large difference being made in the field of public health.
  • MD-MPH Dual Degree Scholarship: If you are earning your joint MD/MPH at the University of Pennsylvania, you can earn this scholarship that offers tuition remission of up to 50% per year.
  • Horace Mann Bond – Leslie Pinckney Hill Scholarship: This graduate scholarship is offered to students at Cheyney University and Lincoln University in Pennsylvania who are working toward a career in medicine, public health or law. It is offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • St. Francis University Scholarships and Grants: This small, private university offers merit-based scholarships based upon academic performance only. This scholarship can be renewed each year that you are in school.
  • Drexel University School of Public Health: This university makes all efforts to ensure that every public health student can receive as much financial aid as possible. All incoming MPH students are eligible for various merit-based scholarships that can be from $8000 to $17,000 per year.
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency: This state organization offers many financial aid programs for eligible undergraduate and graduate students in the state.
  • Penn State Office of Student Aid: Penn State has many general scholarships available that you can apply for as an MPH student, such as the Bunton-Waller Scholarship.
  • University of Pennsylvania Infectious Disease Fellowship Program: This fellowship program is designed for medical and public health students who want to spend their careers working on preventing and curing infectious diseases.

Pennsylvania Public Health Internships

Students of public health often will need to gain more work experience in the field to be eligible for an MPH program, and will need to complete an internship during their study. The following list can help you to find desirable public health internships in the state.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Health Internships: The health department in this state is always looking for good interns to help with various public health efforts. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Health Federation of Philadelphia Internships: This organization regularly offers internships to students who are studying public health, nursing, medicine and other subjects. Some of the interns are placed in community based organizations in the city who work to improve health care access and generally help to improve the health of local communities.
  • University of Pittsburgh Public Health Internships: With one of these internships, you will have the chance to have an effect on underserved communities and to improve their public health outcomes. You also will be able to earn up to $3000 for an eight week internship.
  • Drexel University School of Public Health: This university has a regularly updated listing of available internship and volunteer activities in public health.
  • East Stroudsburg University Internships: All MPH students at this university must complete an internship to graduate, and the university helps to place MPH students in many public health organizations, such as health bureaus, the NIH, family and children services, hospitals and the PA Department of Health.
  • Penn Program for Public Service Internship Program: This is a 12 week program for undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in public service and public health.

MPH Degree Salary in Pennsylvania

One of the best ways to earn a good living in Pennsylvania is to work in public health. The average salary in the field here is $57,000 and the cost of living is lower than many states.


Related MPH Jobs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has many fine hospitals and universities where public health workers can work. It also has a strong public health department system across the state that offer many employment opportunities for state and local government. You can earn anywhere from $30,000 to more than $80,000 in many public health jobs in Pennsylvania listed below.


Pennsylvania Career Opportunities for MPH Grads

Public health professionals are always in great demand. In fact, most experts consider it a recession-proof career. Public health officers develop and implement programs which promote the health and well-being of the community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public health careers such as epidemiology will see a 24% increase in job demand by 2020.

With a Master’s degree in Public Health, you can work in a variety of agencies such as hospitals, public health departments, schools, nonprofit organizations and universities. The state of Pennsylvania also offers plethora of opportunities for individuals with an MPH degree. Our list of 15 great places to work in Pennsylvania with an MPH degree includes:

  1. Pennsylvania Department of HealthThe Department of Health is often the highest public health agency in the state. It is commonly involved in policy making. It also provides resources and programs to help improve the health of Pennsylvania residents. There are several entry level and senior management positions for MPH graduates at the agency.
  2. University of Pennsylvania – Individuals with an MPH degree may also choose to work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Health as faculty members, researchers and administrators.
  3. Drexel University – The School of Public Health at Drexel University has been ranked among the top schools in the country. The program is fully accredited by the Council of Education on Public Health.  Opportunities may be available in teaching, research and administration.
  4. Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) – The PHMC is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and information to its clients, and helps them develop healthier communities in Pennsylvania. It may have opportunities in form of project coordinators or program directors.
  5. Center for Public Health Initiatives (CPHI) – The CPHI is a part of the University of Pennsylvania system. It encourages collaboration between different departments within the University to promote education, research and practice in the field of Public Health.
  6. Allegheny County Health Department – The County’s Health Department is responsible for the overall health and well-being of all its residents. Its public health officers handle everything from emergency preparedness to disease and substance abuse prevention.
  7. Department of Environmental Protection – The Department of Environmental Protection is also a state agency responsible for improving the quality of natural resources such as air, water and the land. They also conduct research and educational programs to understand the impact of the environment on health. Public health professionals coordinate and supervise these projects.
  8. Pennsylvania Department of Education – Apart from curriculum and teaching, the state Department of Education also provides several health education programs and resources to their students. Most schools also provide special education and other mental health services to their students.
  9. University of Pittsburgh – The School of Public Health at University of Pittsburgh also offers work opportunities to MPH graduates in Pennsylvania. Positions may range from teaching and faculty members to administrators.
  10. Thomas Jefferson University – The College of Public Health at the Thomas Jefferson University is a fully-accredited, private educational institution that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Public Health.
  11. Lehigh Regional Medical Center – The Lehigh Regional Medical Center has been ranked as one of the top hospitals in the state of Pennsylvania. Apart from hiring doctors and nurses to treat various illnesses, the hospital also employs public health professionals to conduct health education and community outreach programs.
  12. Allentown Health Bureau – The Allentown Health Bureau works to improve the health of the public by preventing injuries and lowering the incidence of chronic diseases. Several opportunities are available for MPH graduates as project managers and program coordinators.
  13. Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC)PACHC is a primary care association that conducts rural health clinics and community health centers to support the underserved sections of Pennsylvania. Public health professionals may be employed to administer various programs.
  14. Fox Chase Cancer Center – The Fox Chase Cancer Center is one of the leading cancer treatment centers in the country. It hires public health professionals to conduct health education programs for its patients and their families. They also provide support services to the patients as the cope with the disease.
  15. Erie County Department of Health – The Erie County’s Department of Health conducts a variety of programs for its residents including disease prevention clinics, food safety education and injury prevention. It also develops and implements emergency preparedness plans.
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Pennsylvania Public Health Research and Community Centers

Pennsylvania has many universities dedicated to serving the public good and public health, so there are plenty of research and community centers in the state where public health is studied. Some of the best research and community centers for public health in the state include:

  • Center for Public Health Initiatives: This Center is sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, whose purpose is the promotion of interdisciplinary research, education and practice in public health.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health: This state organization has an extensive collection of health statistics and research that can be analyzed by MPH students to get a better grasp of health problems in the state.
  • Center for Health Behavior Research: Also sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, the purpose of the Center is to be an epicenter for behavioral research both on campus and for the entire state. It is working to advance the development, application and testing of health behavior measurement.
  • Pennsylvania Public Health Association: This is a membership organization that promotes the health of all residents, through the advancement of strong public health policies and practice.
  • Public Health Research and Practice at the University of Pittsburgh: This public health research institution has many public health initiatives on which it regularly conducts research. These include Health Equity, Infectious Disease, Rural Health, Smoking Cessation and Global Health.

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