North Carolina MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

North Carolina is famous for its research triangle and the numerous world renowned schools that call it home.  From Chapel Hill to Duke and beyond, there are few states that have the same high level of universities that the Tar Heel state can boast.  If you’re thinking of earning your Masters in Public Health, these schools are among the best in the nation.

north-carolina-flagBelow are the two universities that we most recommend in North Carolina.

MPH Schools, Colleges & Universities

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Masters in Public Health Programs

This school is one of the most respected on the planet when it comes to Public Health, and ranks as the top public school for public health and second among all public health schools, public or private according to the prestigious US News and World Report University rankings.  This means that not only will an education completed here provide students with the highest level of skills possible, but it will also provide them with a degree that will be highly respected no matter where they seek employment.

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The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health promotes and improves the health and well-being of North Carolinians. We reach every county in N.C., providing public health training and education.

Masters in Public Health

The school’s entire focus is really on public health, and there is a rich diversity in terms of just which areas of that subject you want to focus your studies on.  Departments found here include Health Behavior and Education, Maternal and Child Health, Epidemiology, and much more.  In other words, no matter the area you want to concentrate on, you’ll be able to do so.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2101 McGavran-Greenberg Hall, CB #7435 | Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7435
  • Phone: 919-966-7430
  • Web:

University of North Carolina Greensboro

As part of the UNC system, this school features the same excellent options that other schools provide along with teachers committed to excellence.  The school has offered a public health program for more than two decades, and a degree from this institution will be recognized and respected throughout your career.

Masters in Public Health

The 45 credit hour program offered at this school provides students with all of the skills needed to excel in this field, including the ability to understand infectious disease prevention, emergency situations, and much more.  Numerous exciting internship opportunities round out the program.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1400 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, NC 27412
  • Phone: 336-334-5000
  • Web:
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MPH Scholarships and Fellowships

Going to graduate school for your public health degree can be a worry financially, but in North Carolina, you will find an abundance of ways to reduce your out of pocket costs through a variety of fellowships, assistantships and scholarships. Some of the best opportunities for financial aid in North Carolina include these:

  • Laurel E. Zaks Global Public Health Nutrition MPH Scholarship: This public health scholarship is given on a merit-based basis to MPH students with outstanding potential in public health nutrition.
  • North Carolina State University: The graduate schools at North Carolina State University offer many opportunities for students to pay for their education. There are approximately 15 fellowships for which MPH students can qualify. Most of them are based upon merit and are highly competitive.
  • North Carolina A&T State University: The Office of Financial Aid at this North Carolina university offers many scholarship programs for graduate students that recognize your superior academic achievement, leadership potential and potential contributions to the university.
  • The University of North Carolina Greensboro: The School of Health and Human Sciences has several scholarships that it awards to MPH students. One of these is the Lois Steeneck Maloney Scholarship Award, which is given based upon financial need to students who are interested in public health education.
  • University of North Carolina-Wilmington: The graduate school offers many scholarships and fellowships for MPH students, including the Dr. Ralph Brauer Fellowship, the Jane Logan Lackey Fellowship, the Lacy C. Sidbury Fellowship, and the Owen Graham Kenan Scholarship.
  • North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals: This organization promotes the elevation of Hispanic Americans in a variety of professions in the state of North Carolina. It offers many scholarships that could be used by graduate students in many professions.
  • Foundation for the Carolinas: This organization has several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. These are the Carolinas Scholarship Fund, the Albert Midyette Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Amy Ray Memorial Scholarship Fund, the ANSWER Scholarship Endowment, and the Annabel Lambeth James Scholarship Fund.
  • Eastern Carolina University: The College of Health and Human Performance has many scholarships that are available to public health students at the graduate level. Some of them are the William Cain Scholarship, the Emilie Tilley Scholarship, the Dave Alexander Scholarship, and the Abeyounis Family Scholarship.

North Carolina Public Health Internships

Many students who are interested in public health for their career need to obtain more public health work experience to qualify for an MPH program. Also, you will likely need to complete an internship to earn your MPH degree. Please consider some of these public health internships and practicums in North Carolina:

  • University of North Carolina Internships: An MPH candidate at the University of North Carolina will be required to complete an internship. The university offers placement services at dozens of organizations in North Carolina and around the US.
  • North Carolina Society for Public Health Education: This organization, which promotes the improvement of public health in the state, regularly offers public health internships around the state. You could work in a county public health department or possibly for the state public health department.
  • North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services: The state public health department regularly lists open job listings and internship opportunities.
  • The University of North Carolina Greensboro: As a public health student at this university, you are required to complete an internship of at least 180 hours. The university will help to place you in an internship in a public health department in the state.
  • North Carolina Community Health Center Association: The purpose of this organization is to advance the common mission of health centers across North Carolina. There are many internship and volunteer opportunities available on a regular basis.
  • The Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education: The goal of this organization is to provide universal health education to all citizens of North Carolina in the areas of reproductive health, physical activity and nutrition, general health and dental health. It regularly takes on interns on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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MPH Degree Salary in North Carolina

The average salaries for public health employees in North Carolina are still on the increase. The chart below from shows that the average public health salary here is $61,000.


Related MPH Jobs in North Carolina

Please review the solid average salaries for various public health workers in North Carolina. It is clear why North Carolina is a growth state. A public health nurse in this state can earn $72,000, and that will likely increase after more than five years of service. Microbiologists also are well paid at $65,000 per year.


North Carolina Career Opportunities for MPH Grads

A public health career in North Carolina offers many types of job possibilities in the growth field of public health. If you are interested in public health education, epidemiology, microbiology or biostatistics, you can get on a strong career path in this state.

In the spring of 2013, it was determined by ADP that North Carolina is one of the top job growth states in the US. As a whole, public health jobs are on the upswing around the US, with a 24% increase in some public health jobs expected by 2020.

Some of the strongest public health job possibilities in the state include these:

  1. North Carolina Department of Health – The Department of Health is responsible for the social, physical and mental well-being of the residents of North Carolina. They implement many programs to prevent substance abuse, infectious diseases, chronic illnesses and injuries among the residents of the state.
  2. North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services – The Department of the Health and Human Services also employs individuals with an MPH degree to design and implement various health education programs that improve the standard of living of North Carolina residents.
  3. North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health – The State Laboratory of Public Health provides medical and environmental testing services to the various healthcare providers. The organization may hire public health experts to coordinate various programs and educate clients and customers about their services.
  4. Durham County Government – The Public Health Division of the Durham County works to promote the health of all its residents irrespective of their social and financial status. It employs public health experts to administer various programs across the county.
  5. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – The Gillings School of Global Public Health offers many employment opportunities for individuals with an MPH degree as teachers, faculty members, researchers and administrators.
  6. University of North Carolina, Charlotte – The Department of Public Health Sciences at the University is a great place to work for MPH degree holders who are interested in teaching or research.
  7. Johnston County – The Public Health Department at Johnston County is responsible for implementing various health education and awareness programs in the area. It employs public health graduates as project coordinators and managers.
  8. North Carolina Central University – Public health professionals interested in academic careers may also choose the Public Health Department at the North Carolina Central University for teaching, research and administration jobs.
  9. Mecklenburg County – The Health Department at Mecklenburg County also seeks the services of public health experts to develop and implement various programs that improve the health and well-being of its residents.
  10. North Carolina Department of Education – Public health experts may also work in the State Department of Education and supervise the administration of various physical and mental health programs offered by North Carolina schools and school districts.
  11. North Carolina Department of Corrections – The Department of Prisons and Corrections also offers health education and support services to the inmates of various prisons and correctional facilities across the state. You may find opportunities for project managers or program coordinators.
  12. East Carolina University – If you are interested in teaching other students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Public Health, you may check out the employment opportunities offered by the Department of Public Health at East Carolina University.
  13. Duke University Medical Center – The Duke University Medical Center has been rated as one of the top hospitals in the United States. It employs individuals with an MPH degree to implement its community outreach and health education programs. It also offers faculty and research positions to individuals interested in pursuing academic careers.
  14. University of North Carolina Hospitals – The healthcare facilities associated with University of North Carolina also employ public health professionals to educate their patients about various treatment and prevention methods.
  15. Cape Fear Valley Healthcare System – The Cape Fear Valley Healthcare System is one of the largest healthcare facilities in North Carolina. They employ public health experts as clinical educators and program coordinators.
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North Carolina Public Health Research and Community Centers

With the famous Research Triangle of North Carolina, there are many strong centers of research and community centers in this state in public health. Some of the best work in public health research is being done at the following:

  • North Carolina Institute of Public Health: This organization is part of the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health. The mission of the organization is to deliver training, conduct research, and provide the best technical assistance to transform public health for everyone in the state.
  • North Carolina Public Health Practice-Based Research Network: This organization is set up to stimulate and support new public health research based upon the work of the nine health departments in the state. This unique research network allows the various health departments and their research organizations to study the implementation and the impact of new practice innovations in public health.
  • North Carolina Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention: This is a joint effort between the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Birth Defects Monitoring Program in the North Carolina Division of Public Health. The mission of the center is to do epidemiology research into the many causes of birth defects.
  • North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics: This is the organization that runs the North Carolina Birth Defects Monitoring Program. It participates in research that provides the most accurate data possible on North Carolina birth defects.

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