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Named for the river that is often referred to as North America’s Amazon, the state of Mississippi is a relatively rural area with less than 3 million residents. Despite the relatively low number of individuals that call Mississippi home, the state is home to a number of wonderful schools that can provide a person with the education they need in order to pursue a career in public health.

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The University of Southern Mississippi

Located in Hattiesburg Mississippi, the University Southern Mississippi is known for providing individuals interested in earning a Masters of Public health degree in epidemiology or biostatistics with the education that they need in order to pursue a long and fulfilling career as a public health professional. The knowledge of biostatistics and genealogy are crucial for a number of different careers related to public health including the prevention of disease, health management and healthcare delivery. This particular emphasis area provides individuals with the knowledge they need regarding distribution and determinants of disease as well as a host of other vital information. Graduates of this program are qualified for a number of career positions including research positions in local health departments, careers with government agencies such as the National Institute of Health or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Contact Information
Address – 118 College Drive, Hattiesburg, MS
Phone – 601-266-1000
Website – http://www.usm.edu/

Jackson State University College of Public Service

This University is a leading destination for individuals interested in pursuing a career in public service education. By providing interested individuals with a wide range of degrees and programs, the school has made it possible for countless individuals to pursue their passion of working as a public health professional and improving the overall health of their communities. Students are strongly encouraged by the school to work within their communities while completing their study in order to gain valuable experience and give back while earning their Master of Public Health. The graduate program is ideal for individuals interested in developing public policy, managing or researching public health issues. Individuals enrolled in this program will learn about some of the most pressing issues facing the public while also gaining insight regarding current policy and how it can be effectively changed. There are opportunities for students to take part in clinical research while also completing independent projects that utilize case studies and empirical data. Upon earning a Masters of Public health degree, individuals may prefer to enter the workforce directly or pursue a PhD in their particular field of study.

Contact Information
Address – College of Public Service Jackson Medical Mall, Suite 301
Phone – (601) 979-8836
Website – http://cps.jsums.edu/

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Mississippi State University

When it comes to earning a graduate degree, many individuals simply do not have the time it takes to spend all day taking traditional campus classes. Fortunately, schools like Mississippi State University offer individuals the opportunity to earn a Masters degree in either online or in a classroom so that they can work at their own pace without having to disrupt an already busy personal schedule. Earning a degree in public health is ideal for anyone interested in making a difference in their community or on a global scale. A public health degree involves the study of such varied topics as biostatistics, epidemiology, as well as how diseases are spread and how public policy can be changed to better protect the public and individuals. Mississippi State University is a popular destination for individuals interested in pursuing their passion as a public health professional thanks to the experienced faculty who have the kind of knowledge that can only come from real world experience. The University also offers a range of related degree programs that an individual might be interested in so that they may more specifically target their particular education towards the career of their choice.

Contact Information
Address – P.O. Box 6186 Mississippi State, MS, 39762
Phone – 850-325-2963
Website – http://www.msstate.edu/

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