Michigan MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

michigan-flagIn addition to being bordered by five of the Great Lakes and being home to almost 10,000,000 residents and the American automobile industry, Michigan is also an excellent place for anyone interested in earning a Masters of Public Health degree thanks to the variety of high quality universities in the state.

The top choices include the following:

University of Michigan

Located in beautiful Ann Arbor Michigan, the Master of Public Health program at the University of Michigan is a professional graduate degree provided by the university’s School of Public Health. Because it is necessary for individuals to achieve and maintain certain classifications in order to work as a public health professional in certain jurisdictions, earning a Master’s degree is an excellent choice for both working professionals and students interested in pursuing this particular career field. Individuals interested in working in local, state or federal health agencies or students who would like to work for international health organizations should consider contacting the University to learn more about their Master of Public Health program. This is the perfect degree for anyone interested in a career in the public or private sector dealing with issues such as substance abuse, disease prevention and control, environmental health, injury prevention or occupational health. The school also offers a Master of Health Services Administration which is ideal for individuals interested in achieving leading positions in both policy and health management.

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Why choose Michigan? SPH students explain why they chose University of Michigan.

Contact Information

  • Address – 1415 Washington Heights, 1700 SPH I Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
  • Phone – (734) 764-5425
  • Website: http://www.sph.umich.edu/

Michigan State University

One of the most important features of the Program in Public Health provided by the Michigan State University is the emphasis that the program puts on applied knowledge. Students enrolled in this course obtain the abilities, knowledge and skills that they need in order to perform their duty successfully as a public health professional both internationally and at home in the United States. Individuals interested in this course can choose from a number of different courses or earn their graduate degree in a specific area of concentration. One of the benefits to attending this program is the fact that all collectors are available online making it easier for working professionals and students with limited spare time to earn their graduate degree. Interested individuals should understand that they will be required to take the core courses in order to create a foundation for their public health degree. Students will also be expected to complete a 240 our internship and a capstone paper in order to demonstrate that they have a full understanding of the skills necessary for a career in public health.

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Michigan State University Program in Public Health: Dr. Michael R. Rip, MPH, PhD. They have a 100% online MPH option.

Contact Information

  • Address – West Fee Hall 909 Fee Road Room 519 East Lansing, Michigan 48824
  • Phone – (517) 353-4883
  • Website – http://publichealth.msu.edu/pph/index.php

University of Michigan-Flint

In the rapidly shrinking global environment, making a real and substantial difference in the lives of people is a goal of many recent college graduates and professional adult. Individuals interested in taking that passion and turning it into a career can enroll in the Master of Public Health program at the University of Michigan-Flint. This collaborative program requires individuals to complete approximately 45 credit hours which are generally done over the course of about three years. Students can choose from one of two concentrations. Both healthcare administration and health education provide an excellent foundation for future success as a public health professional. Because a significant portion of the course work can be completed online, busy individuals and people who did not think they would otherwise be able to attend a university will find that it is much easier for them to earn the Masters degree that they need in order to find professional success. Students can also choose to attend full or part-time and the faculty of the school are some of the most respected and experienced experts in their particular field. The faculty that teaches the campus courses is also responsible for the online coursework.

Contact Information

  • Address – 251 Frances Willson Thompson Library
  • Phone – (810) 762-3171
  • Website – http://www.umflint.edu/
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MPH Scholarships and Fellowships

While the costs of graduate school can be a concern, there are many scholarships and fellowships available in the state of Michigan that can help to reduce your costs. The best options in the state are listed below.

  • University of Michigan School of Public Health: The department offers many scholarships and employment opportunities that can help to reduce your public health degree costs. There are several special scholarships and departmental scholarships for which you will be considered if you are admitted to the program.
  • Michigan.gov: There are a variety of scholarships and grants available through the state of Michigan website.
  • Future Public Health Leaders: This is a program that is funded by the CDC to encourage people from underrepresented groups to consider a career in public health. It is run in Michigan by the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
  • Knight-Wallace Fellows at Michigan: This fellowship program at the University of Michigan sponsors many top graduate degree candidates in all colleges, including the College of Public Health.
  • Charles Drew Science Scholars: This is a program for undergraduate and graduate students at Michigan State University for those who are interested in medical, public health and science careers.
  • University of Michigan-Flint: The School of Public Health at UM Flint has several graduate student grants and scholarships. Some of the scholarships include the Dean’s Graduate Student Scholarship, and the Carl and Sarah Morgan Graduate Student Scholarship.
  • Wayne State University Health Education Scholarships: This university offers many scholarships, loan repayment options and grants to deserving graduate students. For example, the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program helps to pay off your student loans if you serve in a public health capacity to communities in need.

Michigan Public Health Internships

Most students who are interested in a career in public health need to have more work experience in the field to be considered for entry into a public health program. Also, almost all MPH candidates must complete some type of internship or practicum as part of their degree requirements. The opportunities below are some of the recommended internships for public health in Michigan.

  • Michigan Department of Community Health: The Bureau of Disease Control, Prevention, and Epidemiology within the Department of Public Health offers many public health internships. Working within this organization helps Michigan public health students to grasp the value of a public service career.
  • Michigan State University Public Health Internships: Michigan State frequently offers internships that are unpaid to public health students. One of these is the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation and Environmental Leadership Fellowship.
  • Governor’s Internship Program: This program helps professionals in many fields to gain vital public service experience at the state level. Some of the internships are available in public health and public policy.
  • University of Michigan Office of Public Health Practice: This office works with many organizations and agencies to provide public health training to promising students. Some of these are paid and some are unpaid. Many of the internships are at various public health departments around the state.
  • Western Michigan University Interdisciplinary Health Services Internships: This university offers placement services for many of its graduate students who are interested in a health or public health career.
  • Grand Valley State University Internships: Students in health administration and public health are required to take part in an internship. Many of the internships occur at health organizations and public health departments around Grand Rapids.

MPH Salary in Michigan

Even though the job picture in Michigan is not as strong as some states, public health workers still are able to earn a good living here. The average salary for public health workers is still a healthy $62,000.


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Related MPH Jobs in Michigan

There are many people living in both large cities and in rural areas in Michigan, so the demand for related public health jobs is higher than for other professions. As you can see in the average salaries below, there are rewarding MPH job opportunities in the state, whether you are interested in public health nursing or in public health inspecting.


Michigan Career Opportunities for MPH Grads

Working in public health in the state of Michigan means you have many exciting opportunities available to you. Public health departments are very involved in the community in this state, and preserving the environment for future generations is very important. Also, the state is home to the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, which has very active public health departments and research activities, so there are many excellent job possibilities here in public health.

Also, keep in mind that Michigan is home to more than 9.8 million people. The residents of the state constantly depend on various community health programs and support services offered by government agencies and private organizations for their overall health and well-being. The state offers exciting opportunities to individuals trained in the field of Public Health.

A Master’s degree in the field will also prepare you to take up leadership positions at various hospitals, schools, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. 15 great places to work in Michigan with an MPH degree include:

  1. Michigan Public Health Institute – The Michigan Public Health Institute is a nonprofit organization working to improve the health of Michigan residents by collaborating with academic institutions, government agencies and healthcare facilities. It offers many entry level and senior management positions to individuals trained in Public Health.
  2. Michigan Department of Community Health – The Michigan Department of Community Health is the top government agency responsible for conducting various programs that promote the health of the people of Michigan. These may range from prevention programs for infectious diseases and chronic illnesses to awareness campaigns against substance abuse and domestic violence. Individuals with an MPH degree can help supervise the implementation of these programs.
  3. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor –The School of Public Health at University of Michigan is a great place to work for individuals with an MPH degree. It is one of the best schools in the country and offers several career choices in teaching, research or administration.
  4. Michigan Association of Local Public Health – The Michigan Association of Local Public Health strives to impact the health and safety of Michigan residents through advocacy and public policy. It employs MPH graduates to implement awareness programs and contribute to public policy initiatives.
  5. Washtenaw County – The Department of Health at Washtenaw County employs public health professionals to develop various health education programs and support services for its people and oversee their success. They offer great opportunities for new graduates and experienced professionals who wish to make a direct impact on people’s lives.
  6. Berrien County – The Berrien County Health Department also plays an important role in the safety and health of its constituents. Opportunities are available for public health professionals who are interested in creating and implementing their community outreach programs.
  7. Macomb County – The Public Health Department at Macomb County also employs individuals with an MPH degree in various administration positions. Your ultimate aim would be to promote preventive care programs and support services that improve the health of Macomb County residents.
  8. Michigan State University – The School of Public Health at Michigan State University in East Lansing is one of the top Public Health schools in the state. Employment opportunities are available to individuals with as MPH degrees, who are interested in teaching and research.
  9. Michigan Department of Education – The Department of Education recruits individuals with MPH degrees to successfully administer various physical and mental health programs offered at Michigan schools and school districts. Your job profile may include policymaking and day-to-day management activities.
  10. Michigan Department of Corrections – The Michigan Department of Corrections offers various healthcare and mental health programs at state prisons and correctional facilities. It seeks services of public health professionals to manage such programs.
  11. City of Detroit – The Department of Health and Wellness Promotion of the City of Detroit is responsible for launching various initiatives and programs that promote health of the residents of Detroit, Michigan. Public health professionals implement and manage the initiatives.
  12. Michigan Public Health Training Center – The Michigan Public Health Training Center is affiliated to the University of Michigan and funded by United States Department of Health and Human Services. Employment opportunities may be available in teaching and research.
  13. Harper University Hospital – The Harper University Hospital has been ranked as one of the top hospitals in the state of Michigan. Public health officials are required to supervise various community outreach and patient education services offered by the hospital.
  14. Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services – The Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is among the top five independent mental health facilities in the United States. Apart from therapy, it employs public health professionals to organize health education programs and support services for its patients and their family members.
  15. Wayne State University – The School of Medicine at Wayne State University offers degree programs in public health, and employs individuals with MPH degrees as faculty members, researchers and administrators.
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Michigan Public Health Research and Community Centers

The state of Michigan has many vibrant universities and a strong focus on public health. Some of the research institutions and community centers you should know about include these:

  • Michigan Public Health Institute: This is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to bettering community health through public and private collaboration. The local office is based in Lansing and the institute also has a strong presence in Washington DC.
  • Scholars in Health Policy Research at the University of Michigan: This institute at the University of Michigan conducts a wide variety of public policy and social research for the benefit of all the citizens of Michigan.
  • ACCESS Community Health Program: This organization, which is based in Dearborn, is the largest, most comprehensive public health and mental health center in the US for the Arab community.
  • Center for Research, on Ethnicity, Culture and Health: This organization was established by the University of Michigan School of Public Health in 1998 to lead the university response to major changes in the racial and ethnic composition of America.
  • Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation: Based at the University of Michigan this is a partnership between the University of Michigan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. The idea of the organization is to improve health care delivery, population health and generally expand health care access.
  • Michigan Center for the Environment and Children’s Health: This is a partnership between the University of Michigan Schools of Public Health and Medicine and various public health departments around the state. The main focus of the organization is to conduct research on child asthma and to propose solutions to remedy the problem.
  • Citizens Research Council of Michigan: This organization is dedicated to conducting public policy and public health research in Michigan. The organization believes that the focus on collecting unbiased and independent information on major health issues can help to lead policymakers to wise political decisions.

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