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Despite being one of the smaller states in the union, Maryland is the fifth most densely populated with close to 6 million residents. Despite its rich history as one of the first states to join the union, Maryland also sets itself apart when it comes to education thanks to the number of schools offering comprehensive graduate programs in public health.

University of Maryland School of Medicine

The Master of Public Health Program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has been accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. This program has been designed to provide graduate students and health professionals with the training they need in the field of public health. Dedicated to the idea of improving the overall health of entire populations and reducing the disparity within communities, the Master of Public Health Program is noted for integrating some of the advances made in other fields including legal, social work, pharmaceutical, medical, dental and nursing into the public health program. There are two concentrations in the Master of Public Health program including Community and Population Health and Epidemiology. Students can choose among different electives slipped they can fully tailored their particular program of study to perfectly fit with their career goals and academic interests. Graduates of the program find that the training includes everything they need to be successful a professional setting while being a leader in public health.

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Address – 655 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD 21201
Phone – 410-706-7478

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Johns Hopkins University has long been noted as one of the premier universities in New England and the public health Masters Degree program offered by the school is one of the finest in the nation. The program is notable for preparing students by providing them with the skills and education they need to become the nation’s leading public health professionals. Graduates are capable of addressing a number of health problems both globally and locally thanks to the multidisciplinary approach taken by the school. One of the things that distinguishes Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is the fact that eight flexible format makes it easy for working adults to further their education and pursue the career of their choice. With over 500 faculty members, the University is also renowned for ongoing research in the healthcare industry. The student body is made up of a diverse group of people ranging from physicians to medical students, lawyers to educators. Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that the school has been ranked number one by US News and World Report compared to other schools of public health.

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Address – 615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone – 410-955-1291
Website –

Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

The Master of Public Health degree provided by the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health is a degree with a concentration in Environmental Health Sciences. This particular concentration involves the physical factors that affect communities and the residence therein such as biological and chemical issues. By focusing on the relationships that individuals have with their environments, students learn to take the research that they have done and use it to create effective public health policy. The goal of the program is to provide students with the education they need to promote health and wellness both locally and globally. The focus on Environmental Health Sciences involves addressing issues ranging from food and water safety, the proper disposal and treatment of waste, workplace stressors and epidemic diseases. Long-range problems such as the effects of the ozone layer depletion, global warming and even effect that toxic chemicals have on human health are all areas that students can expect to study and learn more about once they enroll in this program. In order to qualify for admission, students must have at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA.

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Address – 2123 Lee Building College Park, MD 20742
Phone – 301-405-5509
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