Interview: Vanessa Doleyres, M.A., MPH Candidate

Our Interview Series is designed to inspire & encourage students to pursue a career in the myriad sectors within global public health.

Vanessa Doleyres, M.A, current MPH student at Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, joins us today to discuss her Master’s in Public Health education.

#1 Why did you decide to pursue a MPH Degree?

After 4 years of working as a clinician in the field of mental health, I was ready to make a shift in my career and decided public health was the right fit for me.  I have been doing direct clinical for the past few years and realized that I wanted to work more on a macro- level. I have a passion to work in the healthcare system and have a particular interest in keeping our community healthy and protecting individuals from disease.

#2 What is your primary concentration within the field of Public health?

Currently, my concentration is community health. However, I will be taking other courses in other areas including maternal and child health, emergency preparedness to enhance my skill set. .

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#3 Please describe the MPH program at you are currently attending?

I am currently enrolled in the MPH online program at Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.  As of right now, there is only one concentration; however there are a wide variety of electives that you can choose from. There is also a 5 day seminar (on campus), practical field experience, and a project that is required for graduation. This is a 42 credit program.

#4 What do you like best about the MPH program?

Program is very flexible for working adults and professors are available via email and phone for any questions you may have. Lectures are live via internet and able to engage in discussions with other students. Professors can accommodate extensions for exams or assignments. Professors do provide ample time for students to submit assignments. Professors provide us with power point slides, recorded lectures, and other relevant forms of online learning material to help us with understanding the curriculum.

#5 Are you working while obtaining your Degree? If so, how do you juggle both?

I work full time and go to school. In the beginning it was difficult to juggle, however I have been implemented time management strategies that seems to help. I am fortunate to have a flexible job as well which allows me to be able to focus on my studies. I currently take 2 classes and feel that it is enough. I don’t anticipate adding another class next semester. My education plan has me graduating in 2014 with MPH degree.

#6 What do you intend to do with your degree?

I have a variety of interests including healthcare administration and policy, infectious disease, and health education. My hope is to get a position in one of these areas. I want to use my skills to solve complex problems in our health care system. Help organizations to run effectively and efficiently, thus improving quality of care and costs. Hope to gain experience in consultation, management, and developing competencies to work in public health practice . Also, considering a DrPH program in the future, after having a few years of experience in the field.

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#7 Where do you see yourself in the future making a difference in public health?

I hope to be an effective educator, researcher, and service leader in the delivery of healthcare system.

Thank you Vanessa, for sharing and participating in this interview. We wish you the greatest of success as you complete your MPH degree..

That concludes our interview!

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