Indiana MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

Get your master’s degree in public health, international public health, epidemiology & biostatistics, social behavioral health, health education, nursing public health, public policy or environmental science in Indiana – online options available. Contact a school today for more info.

Featured MPH Programs Located in Indiana

Indiana doesn’t have a lot of schools that offer an MPH degree, but because this career is growing in demand, there are a lot of programs that are focusing in on it as of late. Fortunately, the top universities in the state have been putting a lot of time and effort into their one year accelerated programs so that students can get the education that they need for a top job or career in Public Health, no matter their area of interest.

Indiana University Master’s in Public Health Programs

Indiana University has more than a century of history in the state, and is a leading school. The MPH initiative is a relatively new focus at the school, which is constantly growing and evolving to meet the demands of its students as much as it possibly can. There are dozens of majors and degree programs available to students, including the MPH program at the graduate level.

Master’s in Public Health

Students that enroll in this program are prepared to serve in a variety of areas of public health upon receiving their degree. Admission is only done during the fall semester. Students are required to take 43 credit hours over 2 years, and can choose from a variety of concentrations like biostatistics, behavioral and community health, epidemiology, environmental health, and public health administration. The concentration chosen will dictate the courses that are required and all programs culminate with a research experience project that will give them practical skills for their career.

Contact Information

Address: IU School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, 1025 E. 7th Street, HPER 115, Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-1561

Perdue University Master’s in Public Health Programs

Perdue University has more than 100 years of history in Indiana, providing students with a solid, reputable education that they can depend on for all of their career needs. Today, the school is committed to upholding that reputation and ensuring that students get a quality education with caring, well-educated staff that can prepare tomorrow’s leaders with a unique approach to education and a commitment to excellence in all that they do.

Master’s in Public Health

The MPH program at Purdue is offered in collaboration with a variety of programs at this university. Students are required to complete 45 credit hours of courses, which are combined of course studies as well as a thesis and professional internship. The courses include subjects like behavioral health, health policy, administration, environmental health, biostatistics, and epidemiology. All courses must be completed within the time allotted in order to continue with the internship and thesis that will make students eligible for graduation with an MPH degree.

Contact Information

Address: Purdue University Department of Health and Kinesiology, 800 W. Stadium Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765-494-3170

University of Evansville Master’s in Public Health Programs

University of Evansville was founded in 1854 and has since been providing a variety of students with the education that they deserve. The school has a strong tie to the United Methodist Church, giving students the chance to have a sense of belonging and purpose in their education and get more from it. The school is known for its international education programs, and has been ranked highly for them over the years. Students are taught not to become learners of the classroom, but learners of the world, which prepares them for rewarding careers.

Master’s in Public Health

Students who are accepted to the MPH program at this school will be required to take all of the standard courses in areas like epidemiology, biostatistics, research methods, infectious diseases, community health, social and behavioral science, and others. In addition, they will be required to complete a Capstone project that prepares them for their career by providing them with extensive hours of on-the-job experience in various public health offices and positions throughout the community.

Contact Information

Address: University of Evansville, 1800 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47722
Phone: 800-423-8633

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