Illinois MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

Get your master’s degree in public health, international public health, epidemiology & biostatistics, social behavioral health, health education, nursing public health, public policy or environmental science in Illinois- online options available. Contact a school today for more info.

Featured MPH Programs Located in Illinois

MPH degrees are easily accessible throughout the state of Illinois. There is such a growing demand for professionals in this field that programs are becoming much more popular. Schools that rank among the best of the best nationally for a variety of different reasons have great MPH programs, as well, providing students with the education that they need for rewarding careers in Public Health.

Loyola University Master’s in Public Health Program

Loyola University is one of the oldest and most reputable schools in the Chicago area, providing students with access to great programs through the University Health System and the Stritch School of Medicine that is renowned for its faculty and accomplishments over the years. Students who attend this program can trust that they are getting a first-rate education from an institution that knows its stuff.

Master’s in Public Health

The MPH program at Loyola offers four areas of concentration: Health Policy and Law, Epidemiology, Health Management, and Clinical Research. This program is designed to require 44 credit hours of study that involves relevant coursework depending on the chosen track of study, as well as completion of a Capstone Project to get practical skills and experience for their career.

Contact Information

Address: Loyola University Health System, 2160 South First Avenue, Maywood, IL 60153
Phone: 708-327-9224

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University of Illinois Master’s in Public Health Program

The University of Illinois has been a part of the state for over 100 years, providing education to students from all walks of life to prepare them for careers that they can depend on. This school has dozens of degree programs for tomorrow’s leaders, and focuses on interdisciplinary education that will prepare them for the real-world careers that they desire. Students can enjoy hands-on learning and a sense of community at this top-ranked school, no matter their degree path.

Master’s in Public Health

The Master’s in Public Health program at UI is designed to provide students with a close relationship with faculty so that they can learn all about the leading public health issues facing the world today. They are required to study all of the relevant courses in areas like public health, environmental health, health policy, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Additionally, there is a practicum and capstone project required of all students to complete the degree program.

Contact Information

Address: University of Illinois Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, College of Applied Health Sciences, 1206 S. Fourth Street, Champaign, IL 61280
Phone: 217-333-2307

Northwestern University Master’s in Public Health Program

Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine was established to provide students with a top-rate education in a variety of health fields, and is a leading institution in the nation for medicine and other health industry careers. The school has a commitment to innovative teaching styles and state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure that students are prepared for the real world career experiences that they face in the health industry, no matter their major.

Master’s in Public Health

The Master’s in Public Health degree from Northwestern is focused on preparing students for a real-world career in the public sector, requiring courses in areas like behavioral and social science, biostatistics, epidemiology, public health and administration, and related areas of study. The program also requires a practicum, or Capstone Project, to be completed in order to graduate with the MPH degree. This program is designed to offer a general degree in public health so that students can go on to choose any career that needs their expertise.

Contact Information

Address: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Program in Public Health, 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone:  312-908-7914

Public health services play a crucial role in promoting overall well-being of the community. Most state governments invest significant portion of their budget to create various public health programs that deal with variety of problems such substance abuse, mental illness, obesity and domestic violence. As a public health professional, you can help administer these programs at national, state and local levels. The state of Illinois offers several opportunities for individuals with MPH degrees. 15 great places to work in Illinois with an MPH degree include:

  1. Illinois Department of Public Health – The state Department of Public Health is often the highest agency within the state which is responsible for the health and well-being of the people of the state. It makes policies for healthcare facilities and implements special health education programs, especially for the underprivileged sections of the society.
  2. Illinois Public Health Associations – The Illinois Public Health Association is the state chapter of the American Public Health Association. It supports public health initiatives in the state through education, advocacy and research.
  3. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency – The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for lowering different forms of pollution, and providing a healthy environment for the optimum growth of all living beings. The EPA also conducts research about the impact of environment on health, and educates people about the same. You can work there as project coordinators or program managers.
  4. University of Illinois, Chicago – The School of Public Health at the University of Illinois, Chicago offers various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs in the field of Public Health. You can work as a faculty member, researcher or administrators.
  5. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – Rated as one of the top schools in the field of Public Health, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a great place to work for individuals with an MPH degree.
  6. Chicago City Health Department – The Public Health Department in the City of Chicago works to make the city a healthier and safer place. It provides health education programs and resources to its residents. It is also responsible for emergency preparedness. It offers several opportunities to individuals with MPH degree
  7. Illinois State Board of Education – The State Board of Education is responsible for the efficient functioning of all the schools and school boards within the state of Illinois. Public health professionals can help supervise various physical and mental health programs offered at schools.
  8. Chicago State University – The College of Health at Chicago State University employs individuals with MPH degrees as faculty members, researchers and administrators.
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  10. Cook County Department of Public Health – The Department of Public Health offers various resources and services to the residents of the area with the aim of improving the health and standard of living of its residents.
  11. Lake County Department of Public Health – Like other Public Health Departments across the United States, the Lake County Department of Public Health also offers many opportunities to public health professionals as it tries to implement programs that promote health and well-being of its residents.
  12. Southern Seven Health Department – The Southern Seven Health Department provides preventive healthcare, family support services and child development programs to the southern most parts of Illinois. Several opportunities may be available for public health professionals.
  13. Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) – The PHIMC is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with various private and governmental public health agencies to improve public health in the Chicago area.
  14. Crusader Health Center – The Crusader Health Center is a nonprofit community health center serving the Rock Valley area of Illinois. It also offers several health education programs and support services the people. Public health professionals oversee the administration of such programs.
  15. Northwestern Memorial Hospital – The Northwestern Memorial Hospital has been rated as one of the best healthcare facilities in the state of Illinois. Public health professionals help administer the community health programs at their facility.
  16. Rush University – The Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is also one of the top healthcare facilities in Illinois. It offers many public health programs to educate its patients and improve their health.

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