30+ Great Websites To Learn About Epidemiology

EpidemiologistIndividuals looking to pursue a career in the field of public health will find that the options available to them are wide and varied. From jobs that are incredibly lucrative to ones that are filling and allow them to interact one-on-one with members of the community, this is a rapidly growing field and qualified individuals are in high demand. Of course, in order for an individual to earn their Masters Degree in Public Health, it is first necessary for a person to get as much information about this particular field of study as possible in order to determine whether or not it is the right path for them.

Fortunately, there is plenty of information out there regarding not only MPH degrees, but special field of study with in this program. For example, the field of epidemiology is one that is vital to understand and study if an individual is going to find success working as a public health professional. Whether or not a student decide to specialize in this particular field, it will still be necessary to have a working understanding of what epidemiology is and how it affects the health of the public. While there is plenty of information out there regarding epidemiology, there are a few websites that are especially well geared towards students who are working towards their Masters Degree in Public Health.

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While not every student will find themselves being exposed to information held within these websites for the first time, they do provide everything from basic information to more advanced data regarding epidemiology and how it affects students and professionals in the field of public health. The following websites are a great resource whether you are just getting started in your education or are rapidly approaching your graduation and interested in getting started in your career as a public health professional. Because of the rapidly evolving nature of epidemiology, it is well worth getting as much information as possible and staying on top of changes in this field even after you have earned your degree.

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  1. APHA: About Epidemiology
  2. About Epidemiology & Community Health
  3. Epidemiology – PMEP Home – Cornell University
  4. About – Epidemiology
  5. What is Epidemiology
  6. What is epidemiology? | BMJ
  7. RSPH | About Epidemiology at Rollins
  8. Epidemiology
  9. TED Talks about Epidemiology
  10. Introduction to Epidemiology
  11. Epidemiology Program – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  12. Epidemiology at ScienceDaily.com
  13. Epidemiology News, Research at News-Medical.net
  14. Epidemiology at ExploreHealthCareers.org
  15. Practice Quiz for Epidemiology
  16. UM SPH Department of Epidemiology
  17. WHO | Epidemiology
  18. Epidemiology at Reference.com
  19. What Is Epidemiology at NIH.gov
  20. Epidemiology at Cancer.org
  21. Epidemiology – BYU Department of Health Science
  22. Epidemiology notes at Slideshare
  23. Field of Study: Epidemiology
  24. Epidemiology – Biosciences at Stanford.edu
  25. Department of Epidemiology at Harvard.edu
  26. Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health
  27. Epidemiology and Community Medicine
  28. Statement of Principles – Epidemiology
  29. Ophthalmic Epidemiology
  30. Epidemiology: An Overview (Powerpoint)

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