Florida MPH Degree + Online Master’s Public Health Options

florida-flagFlorida is home to many fine colleges and universities for public health. As a state known for having a high number of elderly residents, it is also a state where health and wellness play a bigger role than in many areas. The MPH field is growing significantly and creating a demand for more professionals in Florida. MPH degree programs are designed to set people up for those careers.

The recommended public health universities in Florida are:

University of Florida Master’s in Public Health Program

The University of Florida has been a mainstay in higher education in the state for decades. This university promotes active learning and leadership among its students, as well as boasting state-of-the-art facilities and programs that are designed to prepare students for careers from day one. The school was established in the current location in 1906, and since has been a major land-grant, research, and public comprehensive university.

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Master’s in Public Health

The Master’s in Public Health students at UF are required to take 48 credit hours of study, unless they have previous credits to bring to the program. These courses include a special project, a seminar, and classes in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, administration, and other relevant core courses depending on the chosen area of concentration.

Contact Information
Address: University of Florida Academic Health Center, Box 100182, Gainesville, FL 32610
Phone: 866-62-UFMPH
Website: http://mph.ufl.edu

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University of West Florida Master’s in Public Health Program

The University of West Florida is located on the Emerald Coast, where it has been since 1963. It has a long history with its professional studies school, but also offers traditional arts, sciences, and business education. The small size of this college is usually what attracts students, giving them a chance to get a hands-on education that is better than larger schools might have to provide. The mission is to empower students with knowledge and the skills to contribute to the complex world that we live in today.

Master’s in Public Health

The University of West Florida requires students to take at least 12 semester hours per year to complete this program. The courses required take less than 2 years for full-time students and include all of the basic classes that you would expect like epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, behavioral and social science, and administration. Students must also be involved in an internship experience that counts for 6 semester hours of practical skills. Culmination of the program includes a closed-book exam, as well as completion of all courses and the internship program.

Contact Information

Address: University of West Florida, School of Allied Health and Life Sciences, 11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, FL 32514
Phone: 850-473-7226
Website: http://uwf.edu/sahls/masters-ph/

USF Master’s in Public Health Program

The USF system, as it is known, includes a collection of institutions that are accredited to provide education to students throughout the southern part of the state. This school operates under a Board of Trustees structure and gives students the tools that they need for hands-on education that leads to rewarding careers. The school is committed to providing students with an interactive learning experience, high-tech, innovative tools and resources, and so much more. When you come to USF, you’ll get an education that you can count on.

Master’s in Public Health

The MPH students who are accepted into USF are required to complete health policy and management courses, social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, specialty concentrations, a comprehensive exam, a Capstone course and project, and field experience in order to complete the program successfully. The exact courses vary depending on the area of specialization.

Contact Information

Address: University of South Florida, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33620
Phone: 813-974-2011
Website: http://health.usf.edu/publichealth/index.htm

MPH Scholarships and Fellowships

The costs of graduate school always are a concern, but there are many scholarships and fellowships available to MPH students in Florida.

  • University of Florida Fellowship Opportunities: The college of public health at UF offers many fellowships for deserving master of public health students.
  • Florida Public Health Association: This public health organization in Florida has many scholarships for deserving public health students. Many of the scholarships are $500 each year and are given to both master’s degree and doctoral students in public health.
  • Florida International University Scholarships: Some of the scholarships that FIU public health students can qualify for are the Starr Scholarship, the Stempel Scholarship, the HRSA Traineeship, and the McNair Graduate Fellowship.
  • Florida State University: FSU offers a $2000 transfer scholarship to deserving undergraduate and graduate students, and also a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship to graduate students.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University: FGCU offers a number of scholarships and fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students based upon need and merit.
  • University of Florida Foundation: This Foundation currently has 36 scholarships and fellowships that are available to public health students. Most of them are merit-based, and you need to be a full time student to qualify.
  • University of South Florida Scholarships: USF offers several scholarships for both undergraduates and graduate students.
  • Florida Atlantic University: Some of the scholarships offered by FAU include the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, the Eleanor Baldwin Scholarship, the Florence Bayuk Educational Trust Scholarship, and the Helen and Robert Bero Scholarship.

Florida Public Health Internships

Many students who are interested in public health need more work experience in the field to qualify for graduate school. You also will likely need to complete an internship or practicum to graduate from your MPH program. By completing one of these internships, you will gain real-world public health experience to help you in your career.

  • University of Florida: This university places graduate students in many internships around the state. Some of the areas include Suwannee River, Northeast Florida, Miami Dade, Gulfcoast South, and Gulfcoast North.
  • Florida Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection: This internship program exists to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a chance to learn more about environmental health and public health as a professions. Interns may participate in field inspections and could work in various public health departments around the state.
  • University of West Florida: As part of the MPH program at this university, you will directly supervised by a public health professional in a public health department in the state. You will participate in public health and many administrative activities. You will need to spend one semester in your internship.
  • Florida Governor’s Internship Program: This internship program will provide the best undergraduate and graduate students in the state with a chance to gain a great deal of professional experience in public policy and public health.
  • Leon County, Florida: There are many internship possibilities in this county from health policy to public administration to public health. Most of these internships will last at least three months, and you generally will need to be able to commit to at least one semester of service.
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: If you are interested in a career in environmental health and public health, you should consider an internship with the FWRI. Some of the areas where you can work included Coastal Wetlands Research, Fish and Wildlife Health in St. Petersburg, and also various opportunities in Port Charlotte and Jacksonville.
  • Health Planning Council: This organization that promotes public health in the state accepts graduate students for internships who are interested in careers in health promotion, public health, health sciences and healthcare administration.
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management: For public health students who are interested in disaster management and preparation, please consider an internship with this organization. Some of the areas where internships are available include urban and regional planning, public health, public administration, social sciences and emergency management.

MPH Degree Salary in Florida

Public health worker salaries in Florida continue to grow, even as unemployment in the state is still elevated in many industries. Indeed.com reports that the average public health salary in the state is $59,000.


Related MPH Jobs in Florida

Please review the average salaries for many public health jobs in the state of Florida. It is clear that this state, with its aging population, has a strong need for public health workers, as the salaries for many public health jobs here are quite high. You can expect, with your MPH degree, that you will tend to earn towards the top of the pay scale for many positions, especially after a few years on the job.


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Florida Career Opportunities for MPH Grads

A public health career in Florida offers many possibilities. This is largely due to the fact that the population of Florida continues to grow and to get older. This means that there will be plenty of public health jobs in the future in this state.

Nationally, public health is one of the hottest fields of work today, with a 20% or more increase in many public health jobs by 2020.  The increase in incidence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, has forced most healthcare agencies to conduct health education and preventive care programs. With a MPH degree, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to design, develop and administer such programs. The state of Florida provides many opportunities to public health graduates. 15 great places to work in Florida with an MPH degree include:

  • Florida Department of Health – The Department of Health is the top government agency that designs and develops procedures and protocols for various healthcare facilities and programs in the state. It also implements its own programs for the underserved sections of the society.
  • Miami-Dade County Health Department – The Miami-Dade County Health Department is responsible for the overall health and well-being of all the residents in the county. It is also responsible for implementation of emergency preparedness plans and government health programs.
  • Florida Public Health Association – The Florida Public Health Association is an affiliate of the American Public Health Association. It promotes public health in the state of Florida through education, training, leadership and advocacy.
  • Palm Beach County Health Department – The Palm Beach County Health Department develops and provides a wide variety of physical and mental health programs for the benefit of its residents, especially for vulnerable populations such as the children, pregnant women and the elderly. As a public health expert, you can oversee the implementation of these programs.
  • University of Florida – The College of Public Health and Health Professionals offers many opportunities to individuals with MPH degree. You can work as faculty members, researchers or administrators.
  • University of South Florida – The College of Public Health at University of South Florida is another great place to work with an MPH degree. The state of the art facilities and opportunities will allow you to have a successful career in teaching, research or administration.
  • Orange County Health Department – The Orange County Health Department provides various public health programs to protect and promote the health of its residents. It offers several entry level to senior management positions for individuals with an MPH degree.
  • Florida Department of Children and Families – The Department of Children and Families along with the Florida State Hospital offer many public health programs to lower the incidence of chronic disease. They also work to prevent substance abuse and domestic violence. Individuals with MPH degree may find several opportunities.
  • Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System (SMH) SMH is one of the largest healthcare providers in the state of Florida. It has been ranked as the best regional hospital in overall quality and care. The facility employs public health experts to administer health education programs for its patients and support their recovery.
  • HealthSouth HealthSouth is one of the largest providers of rehabilitation services in Florida. It is a great place for individuals with an MPH degree who love to work directly with patients and provide support services.
  • Nemours Nemours Children’s Health System offers medical, preventive and support services to the children in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida. The programs ranging from healthy lifestyle to treatment services are implemented under the supervision of public health experts.
  • The U.S. Air Force – The U.S. Air Force Base in Brandon, Florida employs public health officers to oversee various preventive care programs for its employees and their families. It is a great opportunity for public health graduates to have a rewarding career in the area of their choice.
  • Palm Beach County School District – The Palm Beach County School District offers several physical and mental health programs for its students. Public health officers help design and implement them.
  • Florida Department of Education – The state Department of Education also employs individuals with an MPH degree to help understand various public health issues among children and their overall impact on learning. They also provide support services to schools and school districts to help children overcome their problems.
  • Tampa General Hospital – The Tampa General Hospitals is one of top hospitals in the country. Its Community Education wing conducts health education programs for its patients under the supervision of healthcare specialists.
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Florida Public Health Research and Community Centers

Given the aging and growing population of this state, Florida has many public health research centers that can help you to pursue your public health career. In particular, the University of South Florida is a strong proponent of public health research, and has many research centers that are worth exploring.

  • Florida Prevention Research Center: The purpose of this organization of the University of South Florida is to better develop, implement and evaluate approaches to improve community efforts to prevent disease and promote health. It is one of the 37 health promotion and disease centers in the US, which is funded by the CDC.
  • Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice: The mission of this center at the University of South Florida is to improve the public health workforce in the state, by developing educational, developmental and training programs for public health workers in the state of Florida.
  • Center for Transdisciplinary Research on Women’s Health: The mission of this University of South Florida center is to bridge the widening gap between and among various public health disciplines and to come up with a new paradigm. The aim of the center is to be the national leader in women’s health research.
  • Florida Health Information Center: The FHIC, centered at the University of South Florida, is designed to conduct public health research to be sent out to all areas of the population in the state. These entities include caregivers, health care consumers, providers of health care, legislative bodies and public health organizations.
  • Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics: The purpose of this University of South Florida institute is to stimulate interest in biostatistics for potential graduate students. It also will expose you to some of the many wonderful public health career opportunities in statistics.
  • Harrell Center: This University of South Florida organization exists to improve responses in Florida communities to family violence. The purpose of the center is to be an intermediary between practice and research in public health as it relates to domestic violence.
  • University of Florida Community Programs: UF has many community outreach programs that help to improve public health in this state.

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