80+ Coolest Public Health & Epidemiology Webinars

webinars-public-healthSometimes the best way to digest information is to just kick back and soak it in.  Webinars are a way to virtually attend a conference or lecture from the comfort of your own home.  You can even show up in your PJ’s. Webinars can provide you key information with specific lectures that pinpoint your area of study or interest.  You will hear the lecture, see slide presentations, and in some cases, even be able to comment through a moderator. Webinars can offer you a world of knowledge when in comes to the continuation of your education.

Webinar TitleSourceVisit
A Cost-Effective Tool for Improving Population HealthAPHA.orgVisit
A Look at Climate Change Policy and Practice in the Public Health SectorSOPHEVisit
Affordable Care Act implementation one year post-decision: Medicaid expansion…APHA.orgVisit
Avian Influenza A (H7N9)NPHIC.orgVisit
Beating the Heat: Preparing for Extreme Heat Events at the State and Local Lev…APHA.orgVisit
Built Environment Approaches for Improving Community HealthAPHA.orgVisit
Cancer Health Equity Webinar Series: Creating Comprehensive Cancer Health…SOPHEVisit
Cancer Health Equity Webinar Series: Evaluating Cancer Prevention Programs…SOPHEVisit
Cancer Health Equity Webinar SeriesSOPHEVisit
Climate Change Science and Impacts to Human HealthAPHA.orgVisit
Communities Putting Prevention to Work: Using walking and bicycling as ways…APHA.orgVisit
Converging on What Works for Patientsnih.govVisit
Data-Driven Policy Strategies to Improve Community HealthAPHA.orgVisit
Diabetes and Tobacco Use: Take Action for CessationSOPHEVisit
Diabetes Programs & Technology for Lifestyle ChangesSOPHEVisit
Focus on Adolescent Sexual Health WebinarCDC.govVisit
Health Indicators: Overviewnih.govVisit
Health Literacy: Do your materials measure up?SOPHEVisit
Health Promotion – Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Media Relations Hot TopicsNPHIC.orgVisit
Health Promotion – Smoking, Mental Health, and Binge DrinkingNPHIC.orgVisit
Health Promotion – Teen Pregnancy, Hot Media Topics and More…NPHIC.orgVisit
Health Promotion – Vital Signs on Hepatitis C, Social Media and More…NPHIC.orgVisit
Health Promotion – Vital Signs, The State of Aging & Health In America, an…NPHIC.orgVisit
Healthy Communities Healthy Strategies: Staying Connected through Comm…SOPHEVisit
Incorporating Environmental Public Health Tracking into Health Impact Assess…APHA.orgVisit
Injury Prevention through PolicyNPHLVisit
Injury Prevention through PolicyNPHLVisit
National Health Security Preparedness Index (NHSPI) – Project Update CallNPHIC.orgVisit
National Healthy Worksite Program Informational WebinarCDC.govVisit
Passport to Partner Services WebinarCDC.govVisit
Practical Approaches for Using Health Indicatorsnih.govVisit
Prescription Trails: How public health professionals are supporting trails and w…APHA.orgVisit
Promising Practices and Systems Change Strategies to Improve Access to Hea…APHA.orgVisit
Promoting Life-Long Physical Activity for People with DisabilitiesSOPHEVisit
Public Health Leadership for Violence Prevention WebinarCDC.govVisit
REACH MNO Webinar Series – Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advoc…SOPHEVisit
REACH MNO Webinar Series – Black Women’s Health InitiativeSOPHEVisit
REACH MNO Webinar Series – Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan (ITCM)SOPHEVisit
Reaching Everyone in an Emergency: Vulnerable populations messaging in the…SOPHEVisit
Reducing Health Disparities in Youth Webinar Series: Cross Agency Collabora…SOPHEVisit
Reducing the Burden of HPV-associated Cancer and Disease through Vacc…CDC.govVisit
Reverse Sequence Syphilis Screening WebinarCDC.govVisit
Social Media: A New Data Source for Public Health [PDF]NACCHOVisit
SOPHE’s Virtual Social Media Conference – Part 1 & 2SOPHEVisit
Super Communication During the SuperstormNPHIC.orgVisit
The Maryland Public Health Dental Hygiene ActAPHA.orgVisit
The National Tuberculosis Indicators Project (NTIP)CDC.govVisit
The Power of Policy Webinar 3 – Strategies for Working with Local Community…APHA.orgVisit
The Power of Systems Thinking: Building Short Term Momentum in Service of…SOPHEVisit
The Road From Observation to Intervention to Implementation: Perspectiv…CDC.govVisit
Translating Efficacious Behavioral Trials into Effective Community…SOPHEVisit
Update on Introduction to Health Technology Assessmentnih.govVisit
Using Health Impact Assesments to connect bicycle and pedestrian safety and…APHA.orgVisit
What healthy communities need from their transportation networksAPHA.orgVisit
What Public Transit means for Public HealthAPHA.orgVisit
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