Masters in Non-Profit Health Organizer Jobs, Careers & Salary Outlook

How to Become a Non-Profit Health Organizer

One of the jobs that you can get when you have a master’s degree in public health is a non-profit health organizer, which is a type of community health worker who can work for important health causes in the nonprofit arena.

A health organizer in a nonprofit health organization can serve as an important liaison between health and social service organizations and the community. This professional can improve access to needed health services and to improve the quality of the delivery of health care. This is truly one of the most rewarding career paths for a professional with an MPH.

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Some of the duties you might expect to perform as a nonprofit health organizer include:

  • Help people improve their capacity to access important health resources, such as food, housing, health insurance and quality care
  • Improve communication in the interactions with health care and social service organizations and their patients
  • Help people grasp what their health condition is and to come up with strategies to improve their health
  • Advocate for the local health needs of the community

A person who works in this role also may have different job titles, such as health educator, health advisor, health interpreter and public health aide.

A professional in this job will often live in the community in which they are serving. They may spend a good deal of time traveling in the local community, talking to groups, visiting homes and various health care facilities, and distributing health information.

Non-Profit Health Organizer  Career & Salary Outlook

The field of nonprofit health organizing is growing every year. It always is expanding into new parts of health and wellness in local communities in areas such as chronic disease management, health insurance enrolling, immunization drives, HIV treatment, mental health services access, and child health interventions.

Salaries depend on which local economy you are working in, but generally, you can expect a median salary in the area of $42,000 per year. Senior health organizers can earn about $50,000 per year, and people with a master’s in public health might earn as much as $62,000.

Job Outlook for Non-Profit Health Organizer

Nonprofit health organizers are often hired to support a particular health initiative at a certain organization in the community, so it is possible that you may have to move around from place to place over time to earn a steady salary.

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Non-Profit Health Organizer Education and Training

To become a health care organizer, it is suitable to have a bachelor’s degree in a science or liberal arts field, and a master’s degree in public health is ideal to give you the skills and the resources so that you can work well with local communities.

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