Masters in Natural Science Management Jobs, Careers & Salary Outlook

Natural Science Manager Job Duties

Natural science managers work in many areas of science, including subjects pertaining to public health, as they supervise other scientists, including biologists, chemists and others. These highly skilled professionals plan out and direct research and development projects in many science disciplines, including laboratory testing, quality control and environmental monitoring.

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A natural science manager with a master’s degree in public health will do some of the following:

  • Work with government officials and business leaders to determine the goals of public research and make detailed plans to meet the goals
  • Come up with budgets during public health projects and figure out what staff and training and equipment is needed
  • Interview, hire, and supervise scientists and lab staff that is needed for various public health projects
  • Monitor progress of public health projects and review all research and testing that is conducted

Natural science managers can be involved in a great variety of research and development projects that including improving manufacturing processes, advancing scientific research on public health, and also developing new products. A natural science manager working for a company might work closely with government public health staff to ensure that new construction projects do not have a negative effect on public health or the environment.

Natural Science Manager Career & Salary Outlook

Natural science managers jobs are expected to grow only eight percent in the next 10 years, which is slower than average. This is probably due to the general slow down in the economy, and also because some research and development tasks are being outsourced to research service companies. This will cause some management jobs to be consolidated. However, managers who are working in public health should see an increase in demand, due to efforts by government and health insurance companies to contain costs and to promote good public health.

The median salary for all natural science managers is $116,000 as of 2010. The top 10% earned more than $165,000.

Job Outlook for Natural Science Managers

Job opportunities will be excellent for both regular nurses and nurses in public health in the near future. Many employers have difficulty finding enough nurses for the positions available. The job turn over in many hospitals is high, so you should be able to find a good nursing job with a master’s degree in public health. Many medical facilities offer substantial signing bonuses, paid training and work schedules that are very family friendly.

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Natural Science Manager Education and Training

A natural science manager usually advance to positions of authority after they have been employed as scientists for several years. Many managers in these positions have a bachelor’s in a scientific field, and a master’s and a PhD. A master’s in public health is desirable if you wish to work as a science manager in the area of public and community health. Review 10 Online MPH degree programs.

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