20+ Accredited Online MPP Degree Programs – Best Rankings Options!

Getting your degree in public policy is a big deal. Where you earn an MPP can make a difference, and when you are looking for online programs you have a lot to consider. The biggest issue is to make sure that online programs are properly accredited and offer the degree that you want for your career. As long as you do this, it’s easy to find online MPP programs designed to give you the tools that you need to further your public policy career. Because they go hand-in-hand, many MPP and MPA programs overlap or are offered in lieu of the other, giving you plenty of educational options.

Below you will find the top online master’s in public policy programs that are 100% accredited in their region of the country. If you are thinking about any MPP programs not on this list, make sure it is fully accredited.

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#1 Liberty University

This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) The Master of Arts in Public Policy will get you ready for many interesting career fields, such as public administration, government policy making and electoral politics. The coursework will prepare you to serve as a public policy expert, and will stress how to apply ethics to your management practices in your public organization.

#2 Arizona State University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) This university’s Master of Public Policy will focus mainly on public policy in a big urban city environment. You will be prepared for a dynamic career as a policy analyst, or as a leader in a public service organization. You will be trained to make strong policy decisions, and address some of the most difficult aspects of public policy today. Also, be aware that a related degree is available: Master in Public Policy in Policy Informatics.

#3 Northwestern University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) With a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, you can become a leader in health care, monetary policy or government. This program stresses systemic thinking and practical solutions so that you can shape good public policy with a strong, and positive impact on society. This public policy master’s degree is comprehensive, integrated, focused on leadership building, and is designed to help you practice what you learn in the real world. You can learn about all of the courses in this master’s in public policy by visiting their website. Also note that you can study Health Services Policy, Public Policy, Public Safety and Security, and Urban Policy and Administration.

#4 Ashford University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) This university awards a Master of Arts in Education, with a speciality in Education and Public Policy. With this master’s, you will develop the skills and knowledge to both participate in and lead critical public policy efforts. You will be prepared for the most challenging jobs in government, schools and nonprofit organizations. You will learn how to develop policy and how to deal with the politics to make this happen.

#5 Cleveland State University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) This online university offers a Master of Urban Planning, Design and Development that will prepare you for leadership positions in many public organizations. You will learn to understand public planning, how to overcome urban challenges, and be provided with analytical skills that will be useful for your public planning.

#6 Indiana University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) You can earn a Masters of Public Affairs at this university, which is one of the best of its kind in the nation. The core curriculum includes Public Management, Statistical Analysis, Public Management Economics, Law and Public Affairs, Public Finance and Accounting, and a Capstone in Public and Environmental Affairs. Also, another option is a Master of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Public Affairs.

#7 American Public University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) The Master of Public Administration at American Public University covers similar material as a master’s of public policy degree. This program covers the public policy development process, case studies in public policy and public administration theory. You can study concentrations in Environmental Policy, Disaster Management, Human Resources, National Security, Organizational Management, Security Management and Disaster Management.

#8 University of North Carolina

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) The Master of Public Administration prepares you for a career of work in both public policy and public administration. This program focuses on theory and application, and also stresses the most critical aspects of political institutions and related processes.  The entire master’s program is 42 credit hours and should be completed in three years.

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#9 Drexel University

(This Program is 100% Online. Highly Recommended) This university offers a Master of Science in Public Policy that focuses extensively on case study research. You will learn about the methodology and practice of case study research, and will need to choose a case that you will focus on for the entire two-year program. You can choose a specialization in Environmental Policy, Science and Technology, Urban Systems Management, or Education Policy.

#10 University of Massachusetts Online

The Master of Public Policy degree at UMassOnline is designed for you if you want to find upper management employment in state, federal or city government. It also is well suited for those who want to work in nonprofit organizations, and a variety of associations. This is a great option for you if you want to continue your education after you graduate from your undergraduate program, or if you are working full time and want to advance your public policy career. You will gain a great deal of knowledge of the policy process in this program, as well as public management and public finance. Visit

#11 California State University Northridge

This is a two year, fully online Master of Public Policy that emphasizes four key areas: policy analysis, public sector economics, budgeting procedures and sustainability problems. This is the only public policy master’s program in the US that focuses on urban public policy. This accredited program offers both theory and practice, with many contemporary examples used from many diverse areas to illustrate some of the many value differences in the world and how they influence the solving of public policy problems. Visit

#12 Northwestern University

The Master of Public Policy program gives you the administrative and analytical competence, and also the leadership and the theoretical background to become a leader in the field and to drive for changes in public policy in local, national and international spheres. During this three year online program, you will be able to evaluate the public policy and administrative environment in many different spheres of government. You also will get much practice in developing new, effective public policies and programs, and you will learn how to effectively communicate relevant policy information to diverse stakeholders. Visit

#13 University of Phoenix

The Master of Public Policy degree at this online university will help you to develop the managerial skills that you will need to prosper in your career in the public sector. This program has a unique entrepreneurial approach to issues and opportunities that exist at both the state and local levels of government. The curriculum in the two year program is based upon the standards that are set by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. Visit

#14 New England College

This Master of Arts in Public Policy will ensure that you learn the four most important competencies that are essential for your success in the future in politics, public service and in government. After you graduate with this online degree, you will have a complete understanding of American political institutions, and also a strong foundation in leadership and ethics. Also, you will have a good understanding of the most important governmental institutions that help to implement key public policies in American society. You will be able to complete this online degree program in three years or less. Visit

#15 Ryerson University

This online college offers a strong Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, which intends to give you a strong understanding of public administration and public policy that will help you to achieve rapid career growth in the public or nonprofit sector. This accredited program highlights the complex relationships between the public and private sectors, and how they affect both public policy and administration. You will learn how to think in a critical fashion and to communicate effectively on key public policy topics. This program can be completed in three years, and includes a capstone project. Visit

#16 University of York

This fully online program provides you with a Masters in Public Policy and Management. It addresses how public policy is made, evaluated and implemented. You also will learn about teh key issues that are involved in managing public services effectively. The focus is on how processes of policy and service delivery are closely linked. You may complete this master’s program fully online, and do so in about 24 months. It accepts professionals both from the public sector and from non-governmental organizations. It also accepts those who work with private companies that work on public-related services. Visit

#17 California Lutheran University

This fully online Master of Public Policy and Administration is built to service management professionals in the field. You will be well positioned to meet and exceed evolving demands on the health administration field through the completion of this very much respected and flexible program. This is a 39 credit program and you will go through the online courses with fewer than 15 professionals in your classes. Visit

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#18 Simon Fraser University

At this university, you may earn your Masters in Public Policy. This is a two year program that you must complete on a full time basis. The first two semesters of this accredited online program will have courses in political science, quantitative and qualitative methods, economics and the analysis of public policy. In the last two semesters, you will need to complete a major research projects. Visit

#19 DePaul University

At the School of Public Service, you may earn your online Master of Science in Leadership and Policy Studies, which is equivalent to a Master’s in Public Policy. The focus of this accredited program is to develop highly effective leaders in government and nonprofit sectors. You will be able to develop strong leadership and public policy skills in this program. All of the courses emphasize field study, ethics, research and problem solving skills. Visit

#20 University of Southern Maine

With your Master’s in Public Policy and Management, you will be well prepared for leadership roles in senior positions in government, nonprofits, and also the private sector. You will develop the essential skills and knowledge to address and analyze the most current issues that are affecting public policy. This program is fully online and will connect your academic studies with strong public service so that you can strengthen your community and to develop you into a strong public leader. Visit

#21 Stony Brook University

The Master of Arts in Public Policy will prepare you to take on many types of leadership roles in the booming field of public policy. Some of these opportunities include managerial and staff positions in many different government agencies, working for people who are running for public office, or for many types of nonprofits or advocacy organizations. This program is fully accredited and is fully online. Visit

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