9 Must-Follow Linkedin Groups For MPH Candidates


LinkedIn is one of the most important ways to market yourself, network and find jobs in today’s marketplace. If you are interested in obtaining your master in public health (MPH), you should definitely refer to LinkedIn to get involved with other public health professionals. Some of the best LinkedIn MPH groups include the following:

  1. Global Public Health: This is an interesting group that is made for people who already are working in international public health. These professionals post about job opportunities, research questions, and some people also post questions about getting their MPH at specific schools.
  2. Global Public Health – TB/Malaria: This is a subgroup of the above Global Public Health group that is focused on problems related to tuberculosis and malaria. If you are a professional in these areas, or are interested in these areas as an MPH student, you can learn a great deal by joining this group.
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  4. American Public Health Association: This is the oldest and largest public health professionals association in the country. This is a very active and large group, with more than 20,000 members and 230 active discussions. This association has been around since 1872.
  5. Public Health Networking Group: This is a group that is made to be an information channel for anyone who is a global public health practitioner. Members discuss current public health problems, issues and concerns. This is a good group to join if you are considering entering the public health field.
  6. Public Health Professionals: This is an association of networked international public health professionals. including doctors, nurses, researchers, administrators and international health care workers.
  7. UMass Online MPH PHP Connections: UMass Online has a highly rated online MPH program. This LinkedIn group is a group of UMass alumni who use LinkedIn to meet, connect and network with both alumni and teachers from the UMass program.
  8. Oregon MPH Alumni Association: This group is the meeting place for Oregon public health graduates. This group helps to connect alumni through networking opportunities, professional development, and also helping to provide feedback to the Oregon MPH program so that it can continue to grow and improve.
  9. Columbia University Executive MPH Program: This LinkedIn group is designed for current students and alumni from the MPH program at Columbia. This is one of the most highly regarded MPH programs in the country, and is extremely selective.
  10. Public Health: This is a group for anyone who is involved in the public health field. Here you can network, discuss public health problems, and look for employment.

If you take the time to join these groups and get involved with them, you will learn a great deal about the exciting field of public health.

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