7 Top MPH MD Programs

When you’re considering a career in public health but you want something a little different, the MPH/MD program can provide you with the training and education that you need. This program is designed to give doctors the education and skills that they require for their career, but also to arm them with a variety of skills and options for their career futures that might not include practicing medicine. Medical doctors are trained in how to diagnose and treat human disease and illness. Within the world of public health, this is a very useful skill that can be applied in many situations. There are typically a few different MPH/MD programs that students can choose from.

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These programs will usually be divided by the MPH specialization, which includes areas of study like epidemiology, health education, nutrition, public health administration, and environmental health. The four-year integrated program for MD/MPH students is designed to give them all of the knowledge, skills, and training that they need in a setting that is fast-paced and designed to get them back to work faster. Although this degree is more limited than other MPH degrees, you still have plenty of options for colleges to choose from. Therefore, you have to make sure that you’re getting the best programs. Here are 7 of the top MPH MD programs out there today:

  1. Boston University: This school offers a 5 year program for MD/MPH students, with tuition around $20,000 to complete. There are a variety of concentrations to choose from and students are encouraged to apply dually to the school of medicine and school of public health in order to be approved for enrollment into this program.
  2. Columbia University: Located in New York, Columbia is home to many of the top MPH programs in the nation, including the MD/MPH. This program takes about 5 years and will cost just over $45,000 to complete. There are many specializations for students to choose from, including a general public health degree.
  3. Drexel University: Students can gain admission to the College of Medicine first, and then enroll in the MPH program. This takes about 5 years and will cost students $50,000 to get the MPH/MD degree completed. Students can earn scholarships and choose from five different areas of focus in their MPH studies.
  4. Emory University: Emory is a leader in MPH programs in the nation, including the MD/MPH degree. This 5 year program is usually completed after med school clinicals, and tuition runs right around $36,000 for the program. Emory medical school students will apply for the MPH program during their clinical block.
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  6. Harvard University: Harvard is always one of the leading schools for degrees. The MPH/MD program is designed to be taken during the 3rd or 4th year of medical school, which adds a year to the program. Students will spend just under $40,000 on tuition for this 42.5 credit hour program.
  7. Johns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins is a top institution for MPH degrees, including the MD/MPH. The program runs for 11 months to complete the MPH degree and is done at the 2nd to 3rd year mark in medical school. The program is among the best in the nation, but the program is not formally connected to a school of medicine.
  8. New York Medical College: This MD/MPH program can be done in 4 years, or students can take a sabbatical to get their MPH degree in a year in the midst of their medical school education. It offers a more flexible and unique option, giving students a variety of areas of study to choose from.

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