55 Year Old Man Suffocates from Massive GMO Tumor

(GRAPHIC) This image was featured in the Journal of Junk Food & Toxic Ingredients, shows 55 year old male with massive face/neck tumor that purportedly grew after years of eating foods containing genetically modified corn. Toxicology reports showed abnormal levels of high fructose corn most commonly associated with junk & processed foods. Some scientists have questioned the article’s findings.

What the junk food-loving forest worker didn’t know….KILLED HIM!

When junk food lover Robert Simmons, 55, bought $57.43 worth of junk food in a California grocery store, little did he know….it would lead to a bloody, suffocating death!

Simmons, a 220-pound professional forest worker, loved to scarf down bags of chips and cookies and consumed soda during his lunch and breaks. What he didn’t realize was that the high fructose corn syrup used in those junky treats that he noshed with happiness were made with harmful genetically modified corn.

According to extensive research, genetically modified corn can cause massive tumors and organ damage. Who knew? This alarming study showed that mice that ate GMO corn suffered from terrible tumors, aging and early death.

Genetically modified food ingredients are loved by Big Food because they can produce more food cheaper, just so happens the cheapest food is also the worst for you but hey, it’s imperative to keep the shareholders grinning. But what about the poor consumers? Should the poor consumers have to pay the ultimate price for corporate profits?

A Final Meal, TV and Beer – Then Calamity Strikes!

In the case of Simmons, after his final bag of chips, soda and other sugary snacks, he felt happy and relaxed, according to witnesses. He settled into his recliner to watch reruns of The People’s Court from 1985. He popped open a cold frosty brew, kicked off his boots and settled into an evening of relaxation. But after the first rerun, things started going sideways – fast.

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According to his wife, Lizzy Simmons III, an unemployed hairdresser, her husband’s  “face started to swell. Especially the left side of his face. Like the Michelin Man, but….a lot redder and uglier. And pusier.’ “It was awful’, said Lizzy. She has been overwhelmed with grief ever since.

The junk food lover began to develop a massive, grotesque GMO tumor on the right side of his face. Over the space of just a few days, the giant, weeping red growth began to consume the features of his entire face! First the nasty growth grew over his left cheek, then his nose, swallowed his lips and his mouth and choked his windpipe. His gums were next, and it broke off several of his teeth!

After five days, Simmons’ GMO tumor weighed a massive 14 pounds! And it began to cut off his ability to breath.

That’s when Lizzy rushed her beloved husband to the emergency room. By then, the pulsing, purple mess that devoured her husband’s face was blocking both his mouth and one nostril. He could barely draw a breath!

The doctor at the ER, Dr. Wilbert Huffenheimer, MD, according to wire reports, was shocked at the grotesque condition of poor Simmons. “While I cannot verify with certainty if the hideous growth on the patient’s face was caused by GMO corn, I can say for certain that it was very large, red, bleeding several teaspoons of pus per hour, and impeded his ability to breathe.” “You should know that over 600,000 food products made today contain GMO’s but it’s still too early to know the true long term health effects.”

Dr. Huffenheimer, in a desperate act to save Simmons’ life, eventually started a four hour operation to try to hack off enough of the tumor so that the poor forest worker could breath. But to no avail.

Despite the surgery and  three days of intensive care, Simmons eventually succumbed to the disgusting pus-filled growth that devoured his face, as the pile of fleshy, bleeding goo choked off his life’s breath.

His wife is distraught.

“My poor Robert didn’t have the greatest diet, but he ate a lot of junk foods and had a penchant for chips and sugary drinks.I mean everyone eats that stuff. How can it be that bad? He did not deserve to choke to death on a bunch of skin, pus and mucus. Something about this GMO stuff seems pretty fishy to me.’


Nothing can be done to bring back poor Robert Simmons the forest worker with a massive GMO face tumor. The question is: What will we as a society learn from the giant tumor that devoured his face? Will it be in vain?

As long as Big Food continues to use GMO ingredients in their foods, and as long as consumers demand cheap, tasty junk that is designed to have an addicting taste and smell that can actually kill us, the risk of face-devouring tumors will be always ever present.

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Editor’s note:

The above scenario is obviously fiction. However, it’s an illustration to prove a point: There is much controversy around the world about just how harmful genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in our food supply. These ‘Frankenfoods’ have been shown in some studies to be harmful to the body. How much harm? We do not know yet for certain. More research needs to be done, but in the meantime, citizens should be better informed via government regulation of what is being fed to them by Big Food corporations.

If you are concerned about GMOs in your foods without your knowledge, let your local representatives know how you feel. And pay attention to what you eat!!

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