45 Awesome Podcasts For Public Health Students & Professionals

public-health-podcastsListed below for all those with an interest in current public health issues is a list of public health podcasts and podcast series along with short descriptions and links to their latest episodes:

  1. World Health Organization Podcast – While no longer in production, the past podcasts are still available for download with general analysis of health trends.
  2. Public Health: On the Inside– Brought to you by Johns Hopkins University is a monthly podcast that explores current issues in all fields of public health.
  3. The World’s Global Health Podcast – Produced by WGBH, Boston’s NPR news station, provides public health news from around the world.
  4. Environmental Health Chat – Produced by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences focuses on environmental factors affecting public health.
  5. HHS Health Beat – Produced by the department of health and human services, provides health support and disease prevention tips.
  6. NECOEM Podcast – Produced by the New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, contains audio lectures and relevant handouts, requires libsyn premium account to access.
  7. Why the HPV Vaccine is Important to Our Family – Produced by the CDC, tells the story of a cervical cancer survivor and her efforts to protect her family and increase awareness.
  8. Spring Into Action – Produced by the CDC, explains risks of physical inactivity among youths and gives tips on making communities more compatible with an active outdoor lifestyle.
  9. Our Cultures are Our Source of Health – Produced by the CDC, examines cultural contributions to public health.
  10. Hidden Sodium –  Produced by the CDC, discusses risks of high sodium intake and how to promote awareness of the problem and its surprising sources.
  11. Respiratory Syncitial Virus (RSV) – Produced by the CDC, examines the threat of RSV to children and the elderly, and includes tips on preventing its spread.
  12. Dangerous Creatures– Produced by the CDC, an up to date analysis of the threat posed by mosquitoes and their developing insecticide resistance.
  13. Science Podcast – Brought to you by AAAS, covers a wide variety of health related topics in a weekly podcast.
  14. The Lancet Podcast – Produced by the Lancet Journal, includes discussions with experts and practitioners on topics ranging from clinical practice to statistics and awareness campaigns.
  15. NCI Broadcasts – Produced by the National Cancer Institute, includes audio archives as far back as 2005 on relevant cancer trends and developments.
  16. United Nations Radio News – Produced by the UN, contains archives of both recent and antique audio broadcasts relating to public health.
  17. HSPH Podcast – Produced by the Harvard School of Public Health, includes both personal stories from Public Health students and graduates as well as interviews with experts.
  18. Public Health Live – Produced by the University of Albany, follows evolving trends in public health with an eye towards clinical practitioners.
  19. PeerView Press – Produced by PeerView, covers a variety of medical and public health topics, requires a download through iTunes or a similar application.
  20. Grand Round Lecture Series – Produced by Drexel University, includes numerous academic lectures on public health topics.
  21. Public Health Moment – Produced by the University of Minnesota, covers numerous modern public health concerns and is available for free on iTunes.
  22. Milestones in Public Health – Produced by Pfizer, archives of interviews with experts and authors on critical public health issues.
  23. Engineering Public Health – Produced by Science Now, interviews an innovator in the field of public health technologies.
  24. RE-ACT Series– Produced by PHSSR, episodes include interviews with top leaders in the field of public health as well as examinations of statistical trends and cutting edge research.
  25. YSPH Podcasts – Produced by Yale University, includes lectures by professors and guest speakers on public health topics.
  26. Healthcare 411 – Produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, periodic podcasts cover topics in public health awareness and research.
  27. FDA Podcasts – Produced by the Food and Drug Administration, provides emerging drug safety data related to official healthcare advisories.
  28. Medline Plus – Produced by the National Library of Medicine, highlights health news and related research and data.
  29. Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report – Produced by the CDC, weekly reports on current academic research findings.
  30. NIH Research Radio – Produced by the National Institute of Health, weekly podcast on current public health issues targeting the general listening audience.
  31. ONDCP Podcasts – Produced by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, highlights executive branch strategies and initiatives in awareness and prevention.
  32. History of Public Health – Produced by UC San Diego, examines the history and future of global public health.
  33. Health and Public Service Series – Produced by Accenture Health, discusses innovations in the rapidly evolving world of healthcare with an eye towards policy, technology and economics.
  34. RSPH Podcasts – Produced by the Royal Society for Public Health, explores a wide variety of topics related to global public health.
  35. NACCHO Podcasts – Produced by the National Association of County and City Health Officials, provides practical insight into healthcare policy making.
  36. PHLN Podcasts – Produced by the Public Health Law Network, examines public health issues from a legal perspective.
  37. New Directions in Healthcare – Produced by the Commonwealth Fund, dedicated to exploring innovative ideas in healthcare policy and administration.
  38. FSI Stanford Podcasts – Produced by Stanford University, examines international public health concerns with a particular focus on China.
  39. Oxford University Podcasts – Produced by Oxford University, examines social and cultural influences on public health issues.
  40. Unnatural Causes – Produced by NACCHO, a documentary series relating income disparity to public health concerns.
  41. Health Literacy Out Loud – Produced by the eponymous organization, focuses on strategies to improve health awareness and health literacy.
  42. Ecological Public Health – Produced by the British Medical Journal, proposes a total overhaul of domestic and global public health policy.
  43. Perspectives in Public Health – Produced by the Sage Journal, discusses various interdisciplinary perspectives on public health issues, requires a download through iTunes.
  44. DPH Health Note – Produced by the Massachusetts DPH, includes tips for public safety and awareness  for both infectious and non-infectious diseases.
  45. Children’s Health Awareness – Produced by the EPA, includes numerous podcasts examining childhood health concerns.

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