45 Awesome Podcasts For Public Health Students & Professionals

public-health-podcastsListed below for all those with an interest in current public health issues is a list of public health podcasts and podcast series along with short descriptions and links to their latest episodes:

  • World Health Organization Podcast – While no longer in production, the past podcasts are still available for download with general analysis of health trends.
  • Public Health: On the Inside– Brought to you by Johns Hopkins University is a monthly podcast that explores current issues in all fields of public health.
  • Environmental Health Chat – Produced by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences focuses on environmental factors affecting public health.
  • HHS Health Beat – Produced by the department of health and human services, provides health support and disease prevention tips.
  • NECOEM Podcast – Produced by the New England College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, contains audio lectures and relevant handouts, requires libsyn premium account to access.
  • Why the HPV Vaccine is Important to Our Family – Produced by the CDC, tells the story of a cervical cancer survivor and her efforts to protect her family and increase awareness.
  • Spring Into Action – Produced by the CDC, explains risks of physical inactivity among youths and gives tips on making communities more compatible with an active outdoor lifestyle.
  • Our Cultures are Our Source of Health – Produced by the CDC, examines cultural contributions to public health.
  • Hidden Sodium –  Produced by the CDC, discusses risks of high sodium intake and how to promote awareness of the problem and its surprising sources.
  • Respiratory Syncitial Virus (RSV) – Produced by the CDC, examines the threat of RSV to children and the elderly, and includes tips on preventing its spread.
  • Dangerous Creatures– Produced by the CDC, an up to date analysis of the threat posed by mosquitoes and their developing insecticide resistance.
  • Science Podcast – Brought to you by AAAS, covers a wide variety of health related topics in a weekly podcast.
  • The Lancet Podcast – Produced by the Lancet Journal, includes discussions with experts and practitioners on topics ranging from clinical practice to statistics and awareness campaigns.
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  • NCI Broadcasts – Produced by the National Cancer Institute, includes audio archives as far back as 2005 on relevant cancer trends and developments.
  • United Nations Radio News – Produced by the UN, contains archives of both recent and antique audio broadcasts relating to public health.
  • HSPH Podcast – Produced by the Harvard School of Public Health, includes both personal stories from Public Health students and graduates as well as interviews with experts.
  • Public Health Live – Produced by the University of Albany, follows evolving trends in public health with an eye towards clinical practitioners.
  • PeerView Press – Produced by PeerView, covers a variety of medical and public health topics, requires a download through iTunes or a similar application.
  • Grand Round Lecture Series – Produced by Drexel University, includes numerous academic lectures on public health topics.
  • Public Health Moment – Produced by the University of Minnesota, covers numerous modern public health concerns and is available for free on iTunes.
  • Milestones in Public Health – Produced by Pfizer, archives of interviews with experts and authors on critical public health issues.
  • Engineering Public Health – Produced by Science Now, interviews an innovator in the field of public health technologies.
  • RE-ACT Series– Produced by PHSSR, episodes include interviews with top leaders in the field of public health as well as examinations of statistical trends and cutting edge research.
  • YSPH Podcasts – Produced by Yale University, includes lectures by professors and guest speakers on public health topics.
  • Healthcare 411 – Produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, periodic podcasts cover topics in public health awareness and research.
  • FDA Podcasts – Produced by the Food and Drug Administration, provides emerging drug safety data related to official healthcare advisories.
  • Medline Plus – Produced by the National Library of Medicine, highlights health news and related research and data.
  • Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report – Produced by the CDC, weekly reports on current academic research findings.
  • NIH Research Radio – Produced by the National Institute of Health, weekly podcast on current public health issues targeting the general listening audience.
  • ONDCP Podcasts – Produced by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, highlights executive branch strategies and initiatives in awareness and prevention.
  • History of Public Health – Produced by UC San Diego, examines the history and future of global public health.
  • RSPH Podcasts – Produced by the Royal Society for Public Health, explores a wide variety of topics related to global public health.
  • NACCHO Podcasts – Produced by the National Association of County and City Health Officials, provides practical insight into healthcare policy making.
  • PHLN Podcasts – Produced by the Public Health Law Network, examines public health issues from a legal perspective.
  • New Directions in Healthcare – Produced by the Commonwealth Fund, dedicated to exploring innovative ideas in healthcare policy and administration.
  • FSI Stanford Podcasts – Produced by Stanford University, examines international public health concerns with a particular focus on China.
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  • Oxford University Podcasts – Produced by Oxford University, examines social and cultural influences on public health issues.
  • Unnatural Causes – Produced by NACCHO, a documentary series relating income disparity to public health concerns.
  • Health Literacy Out Loud – Produced by the eponymous organization, focuses on strategies to improve health awareness and health literacy.
  • Ecological Public Health – Produced by the British Medical Journal, proposes a total overhaul of domestic and global public health policy.
  • Perspectives in Public Health – Produced by the Sage Journal, discusses various interdisciplinary perspectives on public health issues, requires a download through iTunes.
  • DPH Health Note – Produced by the Massachusetts DPH, includes tips for public safety and awareness  for both infectious and non-infectious diseases.
  • Children’s Health Awareness – Produced by the EPA, includes numerous podcasts examining childhood health concerns.

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