101 Awesome Blogs to Follow on Public Health

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Blogs have changed the world. There’s never before been such a great way to read opinions, news, and thoughts from all areas of a subject. And when you consider just how broad and diverse the public health field is, it just makes sense that looking into the various blogs within the field is a good idea. There are plenty of great blogs out there that will give you all the information you could hope for in the public health field. Here’s a look at 101 of the very best ones you can choose from.

    • Research

      Research drives a huge portion of the public health field, and keeping up with the public health field is important for anyone in the field. These blogs make it easy to keep up with the latest research developments.

  1. Superbug – This site focuses on the ongoing battle against MRSA.
  2. Healthcare Economist – This blog is operated by an economist and focuses on the developments in Medicare and the insurance market.
  3. American Society for Nutrition – In depth look at the latest research in the nutrition field.
  4. Alliance for Aging Research – Focusing on the public health research field as it relates to aging.
  5. Hard Science – A blog devoted to the UNC Biomedical research program.
  6. ISK Public Health Research – This blog focuses on kids and their relationship to the world including issues facing their health, social function, and more.
  7. Public Health Grid, Research and Development– A look into the research and development of numerous health problems prevalent at the moment.
    • Health Care Policies and Industry

      These blogs focus on the overall health care industry including its policies and practices. These blogs look at all areas of it including reform, policies, and more.

  8. Health Care Renewal – Focused on health care reform and the issues surrounding it.
  9. Health Beat – Provides info on the latest developments in the world of health care reform.
  10. New Health Dialogue – This blog features multiple contributors providing their unique perspectives on health care policy.
  11. User’s Guide to the Health Reform Galaxy – This blog focuses on all of the factors relating to public policy and health care reform.
  12. The Health Care Blog – Promising to provide answers to all of your questions about the health care system, this blog also accepts questions from visitors.
  13. Healthcare Technology News – This blog provides the most recent developments in public health and technology
  14. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health Blog – Provides a total look on health policy and expert analysis on how it could impact you.
  15. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review – This program mainly focuses on the health care bill, but covers other areas as well.
  16. Health Care Industry Buzz – This blog gives you all the latest info on the latest developments in the insurance, funding, and reform areas of the industry
  17. Prescriptions – This blog, from the New York Times, provides a closer look at the health care debate and its impact on prescriptions.
  18. On The Table – This blog looks at the different policies that have an effect on healthy lifestyle choices.
  19. Upstream – This is an ongoing debate and discussion about health communication
  20. Health Blog, Public Health– The Wall Street Journal’s blog that analyzes health and the business of health.
    • News and Alerts

      Keeping up with the latest news in the public health field can be difficult since there is literally always something coming up. Luckily, these blogs can make it easy to keep track of all the things going on out there.

  21. Effect Measure – This blog posts stories written by practitioners and scientists in the field and covers the public health in the US and in the world as a whole
  22. Health Wonk Review – This blog is updated every two weeks with all of the best posts from various public health policy blogs.
  23. Covering Health – Although it’s mainly a journalistic page, this site is also useful for anyone looking to keep track of the latest public health issues.
  24. Wall Street Journal Health Blog – This blog focuses on the news in the public health field, only from the perspective of businesses
  25. Harvard World Health News – This blog covers a variety of public health news and similar articles
  26. Health Alerts – Provides the latest news, warnings, and alerts from Yeshiva University
  27. Gooznews – Provides commentary and news for all issues in the public health field.
  28. Get Ready Blog – Providing the latest news about the flue and H1N1
  29. Public Health Matters – This is the CDC’s official public health news blog and provides a number of articles from around the world.
  30. Flu News Blog – Provides a look at flu related news from all over the globe
  31. School Health Alert Blog – While it provides a great place to monitor flu and swine flu reports, there are also plenty of other articles posted regularly on this page.
  32. Monday Morning – This blog features the latest issues of the day and covers a wide range of different subjects.
  33. Tonaman– Provides the latest in Malaria news and a discussion outlet as well.
    • Global Public Health

      Obviously the field of public health isn’t confined to just this country. There are numerous global issues that confront us as well, and these blogs focus on all of those global issues.

  34. Healthy Travel Blog – Gives tips and information on the health of different countries and how to stay healthy overseas
  35. Global Health Policy – Provided by the Center for Global Development, this page provides the latest
  36. Global Bioethics Blog – Provides a look at all the various policies and factors pertaining to bioethics on a global scale.
  37. Global Health Ideas – A regularly updated page offering opinions on different ways to confront global health problems
  38. Lancet Global Health Network – From the Lancet, this blog covers all aspects of global public health
  39. Conflict Health – Looks at war and its impact on global health
  40. Global Health – This blog is from Change.Org and looks at global public health policy
  41. Malaria Matters – Despite the title, this blog doesn’t’ only deal with Malaria. It also focuses on a wide range of different issues that confront the world and Africa in particular.
  42. War and Health – A blog featuring opinions and analysis about public health and the way it is impacted by war around the world.
  43. Malawi Clinics – Provides information on all the health issues confronting the nation of Malawi.
  44. SanteCarolina – A blog that focuses on connecting the French public health world with the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health
  45. Global Bioethics Blog – Focuses on the bioethics and research issues confronting sub-Saharan Africa
  46. Shane Goes to Guinea – A blog from Shane Capps detailing his experiences working with the Peace Corps in Guinea.
  47. Floating Internship in Panama – A blog written by a master’s student of public health discussing the specifics of her internship in Panama
  48. Interns 2 India – This blog is written by a pair of public health master’s students and discusses their work in improving the health of those living in Rajasthan
  49. UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease– This blog discusses anything related to global public health or the UNC-Chapel Hill school.
    • Disease

      These blogs are the ones that deal with diseases in its various forms.

  50. Disease Management Care Blog – This blog focuses on giving tips about management of disease
  51. Faster Cures Blog – This blog covers the development of drugs and the public health issues that help to overcome disease.
  52. Crohn’s Disease Blog – This blog is written by a Crohn’s patient and covers his struggle with the disease.
  53. The Daily Headache – A blog focusing on migraines and chronic headaches.
  54. Rare Disease Blogs – Joint effort that links together numerous blogs about rare diseases in one location.
  55. Respiratory Therapy Cave – A page listing the top blogs related to respiratory disease.
  56. Virology Blog – This blog provides information on viral disease, virology, and more.
  57. Celiac Central – Complied list of blogs about Celiac disease and links to recipes and resources
  58. Bottom Line Fitness – Blog focusing on losing weight, getting in shape, and improving heart disease
  59. The Beating Edge – Heart disease blog that is visited millions of times each year.
  60. Parkinson’s Blog Network – This page gathers together some of the world’s best Parkinson’s Disease related blogs.
  61. A Chronic Dose – Blog from a sufferer of bronchiectasis and other diseases. It provides numerous bits of information.
  62. COPD News of the Day – Provides COPD related news and information that is regularly updated.
  63. Grave’s Disease Blogs– (Highly Recommended!!!) Terry Villa at LicensedPracticalNurse.com writes on his blog daily. He provides info on the basics behind Grave’s Disease and then links to some of the best personal blogs about the disease.
    • Environmental Health

      These blogs take a look at the environment and its impact on the public health world.

  64. The Pump Handle – Features posts on the environment and public health and allows discussion.
  65. Pollution Blog – Takes a close look at pollution and its impact on the public health world.
  66. Environmental Health News – Provides regular updates about the environment and public health.
  67. Center for Environmental Health – All the news and info on this blog is posted by the Indiana University School of Medicine and it is a very comprehensive blog.
  68. Enviroblog – Provides information on the environment and its impact on public health
  69. Elements – Takes a look at the world of environmental public health and provides regular updates related to events around the world.
  70. Your Health, Your Environment – The official Environmental Public Health Blog of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  71. Intelex – Provides news from the environmental health world
  72. Greenversations – Official Blog from the Environmental Protection Agency
  73. Smog Blog – Provides regular updates on the quality of the US air.
  74. Indoor Air Nerd – Looks at indoor air quality and its impact on your health
  75. Water Environment Federation – Takes a close look at water quality and its impact on your health
  76. Clean Water Blog – Takes a look at the importance of clean water from a business perspective
  77. Contaminated Nation – Takes a close look at the various impacts that soil, water, and air pollution have on public health
  78. Toxic Beauty Blog– Provides information on the different beauty products used today and the impact they have on health
    • Healthy Living

      These blogs focus on helping to improve the overall health and fitness of the population at large, whether through tips and tricks or through other steps.

  79. dLife – This blog focuses on diabetes and offers tips and tricks for bringing it under control and living with it.
  80. Cold Truth – This blog focuses on giving the truth about public health issues without focusing on the hype and the misinformation surrounding it.
  81. Well Blog – This blog is provided by the New York Times and provides a look at health, wellness, public policy, and related topics.
  82. Diet Blog – Gives information about weight loss, diet, and more.
  83. Women’s Health – Takes a special look at the health issues facing women and the various lifestyle issues that confront them.
  84. Consumer Reports Health – This blog is from Consumer Reports and deals with the various health issues in the marketplace and products that confront them.
  85. Managed Care Matters– A blog that looks at numerous things including health reform, worker’s compensation, and more.
    • Food, Pharm and Nutrition

      These blogs deal with all of the various food and nutrition related topics out there and cover a variety of the information available. They also deal with drug safety and prescription issues.

  86. Barf Blog – Go into this blog on an empty stomach. It details all of the various food safety issues including E. Coli, food poisoning, and more.
  87. Fed Up! – This food safety blog is provided by Consumers Union.org
  88. Piper Report – Provides a look at the newest pharmaceutical developments and news
  89. US Food Safety Blog – Provides up to date food alerts and all the latest news on food safety and food borne illnesses.
  90. Terra Sigillata – News, information, and links to numerous resources within the pharmaceutical world
  91. Marler Blog – Focuses on food poisoning and the litigation from it
  92. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma – A look at all the issues related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more.
  93. eFoodAlert – Provides up to date information and alerts about food safety around the world. Visited by more than 190 countries.
  94. Drug Safety – Blog from CNN that focuses on drug safety.
  95. PharmaGossip – Provides discussion and news as well as flat out gossip. Not always accurate, but usually interesting.
  96. Drug Injury Watch – Looks at the latest in side effects, risks, and FDA Drug Safety Oversight
  97. Green Grapes Blog – Ran by a registered dietician, this blog offers tips on nutrition, weight loss, and healthy lifestyle changes.
  98. Great Eatpectations – Provides an in-depth look at healthy living, recipes, and more.
  99. Healthful Sense – This blog makes it easy to fit nutrition into your life.

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