100 Awesome Deans & Directors of Public Health

Public health experts and managers play an important role in maintaining the overall health and well-being of the community. They work in a variety of settings including hospitals, community health centers, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Students with master’s and doctorate degrees can also help create policies and protocols in the field. Hundreds of universities and colleges offer undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs in public health. The coursework may be completed online, at a campus or in a hybrid based model. As with any degree program, the credentials of faculty members including Deans and Director’s of the college are crucial for the success of the program. We hope this list gives you a glimpse into what schools could be awesome for you as a potential student. What Makes Them Awesome? The criteria for our 100 Awesome Deans & Directors of Public Health list was based on the reputation of the institution along with the personal achievements of each person. Whether #1 or #100, they are all fantastic. Note: This list will be updated again in 2013.

Dean NameSchool
1. Michael J. KlagJohns Hopkins University
2. Barbara RimerUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
3. Julio FrenkHarvard School of Public Health
4. Martin PhilbertUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor
5. Linda P. FriedColumbia University
6. James W. CurranEmory University
7. Howard FrumkinUniversity of Washington, Seattle
8. Stephen M. ShortellUniversity of California, Berkeley
9. John Finnegan, JrUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
10. Thomas RiceUniversity of California, Los Angeles
11. Robert MeenanBoston University
12. Donald S. BurkeUniversity of Pittsburgh
13. Pierre BuekensTulane University
14. Paul ClearyYale University
15. Roberta B. NessUniversity of Texas, Houston
16. Lynn R. GoldmanGeorge Washington University
17. Max MichaelUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
18. Susan J. CurryUniversity of Iowa
19. Paul Brandt-RaufUniversity of Illinois, Chicago
20. Stan LemeshowOhio State University
21. Donna PetersenUniversity of South Florida
22. Iman A. HakimUniversity of Arizona
23. Craig H. BlakeleyTexas H & M Health Sciences Center
24. Philip C. NascaThe University at Albany (SUNY)
25. Stephen W. WyattUniversity of Kentucky
26. Gary RaskobUniversity of Oklahoma
27. Michael G. PerriUniversity of Florida
28. George RhoadsUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey
29. James M. RaczynskiUniversity of Arkansas
30. Robert S. GoldUniversity of Maryland, College Park
31. Phillip L. WilliamsUniversity of Georgia
32. C. Marjorie AelionUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst
33. Edwin TrevathanSt. Louis University
34. Lynn T. KozlowskiUniversity of Buffalo
35. Robert W. AmlerNew York Medical College
36. Richard D. CloverUniversity of Louisville
37. Robert N. Golden, M.D.University of Wisconsin – Madison
38. David C. Goff, JrUniversity of Colorado, Denver
39. Thomas ChandlerUniversity of South Carolina
40. Ruth Gaare BernheimUniversity of Virginia
41. Anton J. KuzelVirginia Commonwealth University
42. Alan M. DucatmanWest Virginia University
43. James E. GravesUniversity of Utah
44. Aviva MustTufts University
45. David B. NashThomas Jefferson University
46. Charles B. HamiltonUniversity of Tennessee
47. Randolph WykofEast Tennessee State University
48. Michele CiccazzoFlorida International University
49. Tricia PenniecookLoma Linda University
50. Carleen H. StoskopfSan Diego State University
51. Pascal James ImperatoSUNY – Downstate Medical Center
52. Carl HansonBrigham Young University
53. Carmen A. PuliafitoUniversity of Southern California
54. Terrie WetleBrown University
55. Dr. Andrew HoffCalifornia State University, Fresno
56. Shari McMahan, Ph.D.California State University, Fullerton
57. Kenneth I. MillarCalifornia State University, Long Beach
58. Sylvia A. AlvaCalifornia State University, Northridge
59. Wiley “Chip” SoubaDartmouth Medical School
60. Paul R. G. CunninghamEast Carolina University
61. Dr. Deborah WhitehouseEastern Kentucky University
62. David O. Matson, MD PhDEastern Virginia Medical School
63. Seth Y. Ablordeppey, PhDFlorida A & M University
64. Michael EriksenGeorgia State University
65. Bessie M. KatsilometesIdaho State University
66. Christine M. LadischPurdue University
67. Mohammad R. TorabiIndiana University at Bloomington
68. Mario J. AzevedoJackson State University
69. Lori H. PrinceGeorgia Health Sciences University
70. Cheryl A. Maurana, Ph.D.Medical College of Wisconsin
71. Celia HooperUniversity of North Carolina, Greensboro
72. Dr. Michael ForsterUniversity of Southern Mississippi
73. Dr. Tilahun AderaNew Mexico State University
74. Robert W. AmlerNew York Medical College
75. Ellen SchallNew York University
76. Dr. Derryl BlockNorthern Illinois University
77. Eric G. Neilson, MDNorthwestern University
78. Tammy BrayOregon State University
79. Don TaylorSan Francisco State University
80. Edward MamarySan Jose State University
81. Dr. Gregory J. PavezaSouthern Connecticut State University
82. Raymond L. GoldsteenStony Brook University – SUNY
83. Assefaw Tekeste GhebrekidanTouro University – California
84. David M. WardUniversity of New England
85. Claire Pomeroy, M.D., M.B.A.University of California, Davis
86. Frank M. Torti, M.D.University of Connecticut
87. Jerris R. HedgesUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa
88. H. David Wilson, MDUniversity of Kansas School of Medicine
89. Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D.University of Miami
90. Kristofer J. HagglundUniversity of Missouri – Columbia
91. Alice M. SchumakerUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center/University of Nebraska at Omaha
92. James B. LewisUniversity of New Hampshire
93. Kristine TollestrupUniversity of New Mexico
94. William N. WashingtonMeharry Medical College
95. James W. CurranEmory University
96. Kim Dobson SydnorMorgan State University
97. George L. StewartUniversity of West Florida
98. Betsy EastwoodBrooklyn College – CUNY
99. Marie HatemUniversité de Montréal
100. Patricia RodneyMorehouse School of Medicine

This list was prepared by the Staff at MPHprogramslist.com.

** Please contact us should you see any errors or omissions. Is your Dean or Director missing from this list? Nominate them for next year.

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