10 Coolest Job Settings for Masters in Public Health Grads

Masters in public health grads have access to a range of different job settings. Far from being boring, many of these jobs are considered to be cool and are much sought-after. One of the good things about the different job options is that you can work in numerous settings. The 10 coolest job settings for Masters in Public Health grads will allow you to look forward to working in the field.

  1. Colleges and Universities –

    Graduates of public health programs will find that colleges and universities offer them a good place to work where they make an impact on the health of students. Health and recreation programs are frequently offered for students to have healthier lifestyles. A graduate may also find themselves working in an educational or counseling setting.

  2. Health Departments –

    These departments are considered to be among the 10 coolest job settings for Masters in Public Health grads. Graduates can often work on committees designed to address the health needs of a state or local community. In many cases, these positions focus on health issues unique to the population.

  3. Corporate Settings –

    A corporation is a good setting for graduate students to consider, with many now placing emphases on employee wellness. One of the things that this job may involve includes setting up health programs. Graduates may also have the opportunity to work in clinics located on-site.

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  5. Healthcare Companies –

    These companies are considered to be among the 10 coolest job settings for Masters in Public Health grads. There are many opportunities for graduates in this field with a company that sells some sort of health product. Some of the best opportunities involve market research.

  6. Research Facilities –

    A graduate of this type of degree program will have the qualifications to work in a research facility. The focus is on using statistics and other mathematical skills to help further medical research. These facilities may be located at universities, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies.

  7. Federal Health Agencies –

    Among the 10 coolest job settings for Masters in Public Health grads are the federal agencies responsible for environmental health, such as the EPA and the FDA. In this setting, graduates focus on environmental factors that affect public health.

  8. Hospitals and Clinics –

    Healthcare settings can offer a diverse range of opportunities for graduates who work with the public. This job may involve counseling on healthy behaviors. It may also involve mental health assessments.

  9. Public Policy Groups –

    Working with public policy groups is considered to be one of the 10 coolest job settings for Masters in Public Health grads. Those who work in this capacity take an active role in advising legislators on health issues. The position could also involve working for lobbyist groups.

  10. Non-Profit Groups –

    Non-profit groups that are focused on health provide good opportunities for graduates. Much of this type of position would involve public outreach and education. This position may also involve addressing issues such as the lack of healthcare resources in some populations.

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  12. Wellness Clinics –

    One of the 10 coolest jobs settings for Masters in Public Health grads is working in a wellness clinic. These clinics are often focused on specific issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. Some parts of the job may involve advising patients on food choices or exercise and fitness plans.

There are many opportunities available for students interested in exploring the public health field. All of these opportunities involve the chance to work with people, make an impact on their lives, and earn a good salary. Any of these types of jobs are worthy of further exploration.

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